Salt Lake City UFO

image On Wednesday many residents of Salt Lake City thought they saw a UFO. A mysterious blimp-like object floated over the city for a while and then disappeared. Someone with a video camera caught it on film. Local air traffic controllers said that they didn't pick up any object on their radar.

If you look at the video, it seems pretty obvious that it's some kind of man-made blimp. Nevertheless, witnesses were quick to speculate that it was some kind of massive 100-foot-long extraterrestrial craft.

The object (which was actually less than 30 feet long) eventually crash landed east of the city. It was identified as belonging to a Daniel Geery, who described it as a "hyper blimp." According to the local news station:
Geery told 2News that he was using a remote control to perform a test flight of his "hyper blimp" at dawn Wednesday when a power pack on the object failed, and drifted away. "I put a different prop on it and wanted to see if it would have a bigger effect," he said. "And it did. but only flew for 5 or 10 minutes and then just... dead." Geery knew that he would have trouble retrieving his hyper blimp -- mainly because there was little wind and he knew that meant the balloon would hover for hours.
So that's one UFO mystery cleared up. Or maybe this story of some guy testing the propellor on his hyper blimp is just a story the government invented to conceal the truth from us. That's what they want us to believe! (Thanks, Joe)

Extraterrestrial Life

Posted on Fri Jun 15, 2007


the blimp the guy has isnt the thing in the sky man
the thing in the sky was to big to be held by such a person it had windows and it wasent all clothy like the guys blimp
its not a rocket
rockets go faster
its not a blimp
blimps dont speed up 20 mph then go back 20mph then stop
and its not a craft of any russians cause i live in russia.
my friend lives in salt lake city
basically right under the apperance of the ufo
and people from everywhere who was under it said they saw shadow figures in the green window.
so please dont get people thinking other.
Posted by JESSE  in  cohpenhaged, denmark  on  Mon Jul 09, 2007  at  08:57 PM
Hilarious - The headline should read: "Hoax Museum Hoaxed by Local Man called Joe" The thing in the video is not even the same shape as what "Joe" is holding in the pic. The debunkers also want us to believe THIS ( is the blimp in question - apparently Joe is a member of this club... huh... Talk about gullible...
Posted by Minotaur  in  Australia  on  Fri Apr 16, 2010  at  12:52 AM
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