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Runaway Bride Runs Again
Status: True
It sounds like a joke. Jennifer Wilbanks, the Georgia woman who made headlines earlier this year by disappearing shortly before her wedding only to surface a few days later in New Mexico claiming (falsely) that she had been kidnapped, thereby earning herself the nickname 'The Runaway Bride,' is running again. But this time it's in a marathon. And it's for real. At least, her name is listed among the contestants in the Chicago marathon. Of course, if she really wanted to add to her notoriety, she could pull a Rosie Ruiz. (via Marathon Pundit)
Posted by The Curator on Wed Oct 05, 2005

Not a big story, she and her hubby have run marathons before....
Posted by coit  on  Thu Oct 06, 2005  at  10:10 AM
Did Jennifer really get married? I heard she was planning on trying to get married again. I didn't think she would go through with it though.
Posted by Dany  in  Waco, Texas  on  Thu Oct 06, 2005  at  02:46 PM
Sorry, Alex, but I wasn't a big fan of the story to begine with and I still have trouble with it even making head lines and why ot became so big...and I still haven't seen the interview they did with you on cnn yet.....did you get a copy yet???
Posted by X  in  McKinney, TX  on  Thu Oct 06, 2005  at  05:33 PM
I cain't stand this dumb bi itch, who cares? I hope she gets hit by a car with all the crap going on in the world why she getting all this attention????
Posted by some guy  in  under the sun  on  Fri Oct 14, 2005  at  11:31 AM
i dont think this lady would have any trouble running...hehe
Posted by Eva  in  New york  on  Sun Feb 19, 2006  at  03:46 PM
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