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Riding The Tiger
image I found this picture posted on Weird Asia News. It could easily be real. Especially if that woman has some experience handling tigers (though she doesn't look like she does). Or the tiger is really tame. My hunch is that it is real. However, I wouldn't be willing to sit on a tiger's back. My cat is vicious enough, and she's a lot smaller. So assuming that it is real, I wonder what the story behind it is. Maybe you pay a buck and have your picture taken with a tiger, and hope you don't get killed.
Posted by The Curator on Mon Feb 12, 2007

Any chance this is the same place. Poor little girl has her parents stick her in with a tiger and she gets eaten.

People are dumb and little girls look like PREY.
Posted by MaxRascal  on  Fri Feb 23, 2007  at  09:43 AM
Take a look at this:
It seems the photo is only too real.
Posted by MrHenderson  in  Teddington, UK  on  Fri Feb 23, 2007  at  11:31 AM
Strange how this just happened, wonder if it was the same tiger
Posted by J  on  Fri Feb 23, 2007  at  01:40 PM
I'm with Big Gary on this one too. There have been stuffed tigers on sale here that's in the size and likeness of the real thing. I guess someone must've plonked a few hundred on one in the name of a practical joke.
Posted by RAMChYLD  in  Klang, Malaysia  on  Sat Feb 24, 2007  at  04:28 AM
I am european but i live in China and i have seen people take pictures with the tigers in the zoo's it is very sad because the tigers are old and they have taken out all their teeth! i am afraid that that picture is real and there is alot of animal crulity involved
Posted by Anna  in  China  on  Mon Feb 26, 2007  at  07:17 AM
Na, just take Sigfried & Roy. It worked... at least until the tiger just couldn't take it anymore and the haldol wore off.
Posted by Penguin  on  Thu Mar 01, 2007  at  08:01 AM
I can believe it. I went to the Panda Refuge Center in Cheng-du a couple years ago and for $100 you could feed a baby Panda. I was pretty sure it was something organized by the staff for their own profit, not by the zoo.
Posted by Sean  in  Colorado Springs  on  Fri Mar 09, 2007  at  04:29 PM
Shadows under the woman's chin, hair, and elbow suggest stronger light from a different direction than shadows under the tigers arms and chin. Notice even the woman's brow casts a shadow on her eye, while the shadows on the tiger suggest a more diffuse light source.
Posted by Rambo Tribble  on  Thu Mar 22, 2007  at  12:52 AM
This photo has been used for photomanipulations on, Something Awful, and for ages, perhaps for years.
Posted by Charlene  on  Fri Mar 30, 2007  at  08:38 PM
This one is definitely real. I've had my photo taken with my arm around a real tiger's neck - it was at some zoo in Asia around 30 years ago, and yes it was a real tiger, and yes, it cost around a dollar at the time. The tiger was very calm but I noticed the tiger-keeper was watching it very very closely. Now I'm not 20 any more I'd never do it again!
Posted by julie  in  australia  on  Fri Jun 01, 2007  at  07:14 AM
The picture is most likely real. I've had my pictures taken next to a real tiger in Thailand in the famous Sriracha zoo, and have seen a Russian woman taken her picture on another tiger's back. And at a Crodile zoo in the same area even bigger tigers are used as photo props, with handlers making them roar as an adverizement!
Posted by Syd  in  USA  on  Sat Jun 30, 2007  at  05:02 PM
That is so cruel, Tigers backs ARE NOT Built For riding........I HATE THIS WEBSITE
Posted by Liz  in  Compton  on  Tue Oct 23, 2007  at  01:19 PM
Yes It is real. It is a park run by a temple and the monks take donations for Tiger "experiences". The Tigers a very well fed before anyone is allowed into the temple and their food is laced with something to keep them "Happy". That doesn't mean that its not dangerous, just controlled.
Posted by kirockk  on  Tue Oct 19, 2010  at  02:08 PM
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