Redneck Limos

Pictures of so-called "redneck limos" are very popular on the internet. There's quite a few of them to be found, and here's a selection of the ones that seem to be most frequently posted on blogs.

Are they real or fake? My hunch is that most of them are probably real. After all, there's no reason vehicles like this couldn't be built, and there are companies that specialize in building things like this. One such company is SuperDuty Headquarters, whose sign can be seen in the rear window of the truck in the first picture below (although I can't find any pictures of that truck on their website).

The picture I'm most skeptical of is the one of the white stretch limo with the trailer attached to the back. That trailer could easily have been photoshopped on.




image image image


Posted on Fri Aug 03, 2007


I've seen the truck limos while driving around out here in CA.

They make my insides cry.
Posted by Mera  on  Fri Aug 03, 2007  at  01:49 PM
these are quite possibly the most disturbing images I've ever seen on MOH. I am numb
Posted by Hairy Houdini  on  Sat Aug 04, 2007  at  06:40 AM
If the camper (not a trailer) has been photoshopped on, it's a darn good job, since it even has tracks in the snow leading to the back, and icicles hanging off it.

In other words, if somebody is going to make a stretch limo out of a stepside pickup, I can see the addition of a camper to give it even more space inside. After all, the truck in the second pic sports a shell over the bed, so why not go all the way and put a real camper on the thing?

Tasteless, yes. Photoshop, probably not.
Posted by hawkwolf  in  Montana  on  Sun Aug 05, 2007  at  01:50 PM
I've actually seen one very like the vehicle in front of the Seven-Eleven. In fact, it could possibly have been the same one.
Posted by Accipiter  on  Sun Aug 05, 2007  at  11:43 PM
There's a white stretch SUV over here in Essex, England. A guess at the length is 2.5 or 3 SUV lengths. It had great difficulty negotiating a mini-roundabout. At least the redneck limo post explains what it was I'd seen.
Posted by Sarah  in  England  on  Mon Aug 06, 2007  at  07:17 AM
These are real, i dont know about the one with a RV/Camper attached, but redneck limmos are somewhat common here, theres some that are like a several carlength long SUV, some ending in a flatbed truck, and one i saw like a extended version of a hummer, and i even know a limmo rental company here that has a couple of the suv models that they say see alot of usage to highschool proms/dances in smaller counties.
Posted by Jeff  in  Kentucky (MidSoutheastern USA)  on  Tue Aug 07, 2007  at  10:13 PM
I hate to admit this, because it probably reflects poorly on where I live or something, but I just saw two of these while I was out shopping just now.

They looked like the one with the camper attached, but sans camper. One was black, one was white.

Posted by MadCarlotta  in  Canada  on  Sat Aug 11, 2007  at  05:22 PM
them are some sweet figgin rides
Posted by weston lane  in  axtell tx  on  Mon Sep 10, 2007  at  01:07 PM
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