Nostradamus Predicts World Cup Victory

Status: Hoax
Via David Emery's Urban Legends blog I read about a Nostradamus prophecy now doing the email rounds which predicts a World Cup victory for Spain (never mind that Spain is no longer in the running):

At the end of the sixth month of 2006,
The King of Spain will cross the Pyrenees with his army.
The legions of Beelzebub await the battle on the central European plains.
Destruction and defeat will fall on the evil-doers.
The Holy Grail will be returned to Spain.

Nostradamus wrote no such thing. And as David points out, the World Cup final is in July, not June. But more importantly, when I was in Vegas over the weekend I placed a $20 bet on England to win, so I'm glad this prophecy has already proven false. Maybe what the prophecy really means is that The Da Vinci Code movie will open in Spanish theatres in June. (Can this be true?)

Of course, Nostradamus is famous for his sports-related prophecies. His most famous quatrain foretold the death of Henry II during a jousting contest (if you believe his supporters):

The young lion will overcome the old one,
On the field of battle in single combat:
He will burst his eyes in a cage of gold,
Two fleets one, then to die, a cruel death.

It sounds like gibberish to me. But then, all of Nostradamus's quatrains sound like gibberish to me.


Posted on Thu Jun 29, 2006


Oh dear.

*runs and hides*
Posted by Charybdis  in  Hell  on  Thu Jun 29, 2006  at  11:40 AM
Pick an event any event, then read Nostradamus. You'll find something that fits.
It's called the "Make enough vague predictions and something'll stick" school of prognostication.

Oh, by the way, I predict a major air catastrophe, the death of a world reknowned figure, a major upheaval in the middle east, and a natural disaster with shocking loss of human life within the next 6 months. (Remember, ya heard it here first, kids! 😉
Posted by Captain DaFt  on  Thu Jun 29, 2006  at  12:09 PM
I predict more people will respond to this post.
Posted by Dae Dae  on  Thu Jun 29, 2006  at  12:25 PM
"I predict more people will respond to this post."

OMG! how did you know?
Posted by Grain  in  Bay Area, CA  on  Thu Jun 29, 2006  at  03:32 PM
Nostradamus is a phony. All the crap associated with him having written it are POST Nostradamus... I'm surprised people still refer to this person when referring to "his" writings... Furthermore, I predict someone will respond to this posting, and perhaps years from now, credit Nostradamus with having wrote it...
Posted by Christopher  on  Thu Jun 29, 2006  at  06:32 PM
World Cup victory for Brazil !

I Hope So.

And in brazil we have a "carro_a_agua" in yahoo groups.

Many peaple are waste time in this idiot project!

Im'from Brazil and i not very good in english. Sorry!
Posted by Brasileiro  on  Thu Jun 29, 2006  at  08:02 PM
The connection establishes across seas,
On a vast, global collective consciousness,
They will project their thoughts onto this place,
And proclaim another statement to be false.

Hey, look guys! I just discovered a "lost tome" from Nostradamus! He predicted this site! How spooky is that?!

And ya know what else? He also predicts that pants don't really exist. That's right, pants = non existant.
Posted by Soldant  on  Fri Jun 30, 2006  at  02:43 AM
If you are looking for a Nostradamus prediction for the World Cup I would suggest Century 6 Quatrain 16 which suggests France beating Italy in the final:

"That which will be carried off by the young Hawk,
By the Normans of France and Picardy:
The black ones of the temple of the Black Forest place
Will make an inn and fire of Lombardy."

Given the obtuseness of the other predictions I think this straight forward. Note this was posted before the quarter final matches but I will not be putting a bet on the prediction.
Posted by pash  on  Fri Jun 30, 2006  at  03:53 AM
He also predicts that pants don't really exist.

*looks down*
Damn, he was right!
Posted by Boo  in  The Land of the Haggii...  on  Fri Jun 30, 2006  at  04:06 AM
Stupid fake. All Nostrodamus Quatrains have FOUR lines, not five, hence the word QUAtrain!

At least come up with something that has a HINT of possibly being true.
Posted by Eriamjh  on  Fri Jun 30, 2006  at  01:00 PM
Hey, Alex, I have the greatest idea:
Have a Nostradamus contest.
Whoever writes the best prophecy quatrain
Wins a prize, preferably something predictable.
Posted by Big Gary  on  Sat Jul 01, 2006  at  07:02 AM
Quatrain contest, indeed a fun pursuit.
But first, Gary, be mindful of the rules.
Four lines, of course, of ten syllables each.
Also a pause... after syllable four.
Posted by The Curator  in  San Diego  on  Sat Jul 01, 2006  at  03:13 PM
My favorite quatrain about Nostradamus, by Adam Jersin (aka James Randi):

Nostradamus, in his four-sided hat,
Told his strange tale in a kind of ping-pong.
Hinting at this, making guesses at that,
Too bad for him, but his forecasts were wrong.
Posted by The Curator  in  San Diego  on  Sat Jul 01, 2006  at  03:21 PM
Hoax maybe ... maybe not

At the end of the sixth month of 2006
---> This is true in LUNAR months

The King of Spain will cross the Pyrenees with his army.
---> King of Spain might not be SPAIN. Think spanish football
---> Which country need to cross Pyrenees in order to go germany ?

The legions of Beelzebub await the battle on the central European plains.
---> Which country known as Beelzebub ?
---> Central European = Germany

Destruction and defeat will fall on the evil-doers.
The Holy Grail will be returned to Spain.
---> evil-doers = Beelzebub
---> Holy Grail = Worldcup.

All above would be my interpretation, don't shoot me for any harm done. Well as usual, do correct above statement if anything is wrong.

Above info would tell who is worldcup finalist and world cup winner 😊
Posted by Vincent  on  Mon Jul 03, 2006  at  09:08 PM
Bah. This wouldnt be the first time somebody fakes a quatrain. Similar stuff were going around after 9/11.
Posted by Lore  on  Tue Jul 04, 2006  at  01:07 PM
same as all predictions, total garbage.
Posted by Jon  on  Wed Jul 05, 2006  at  04:09 AM
Nostradamus only gave a definite date twice.
Posted by Ian  on  Sat Jul 29, 2006  at  02:00 PM
Yes, he wrote his quatrains in his style, so today it can fit anything, but on other hand he predicted Pasteur. No doubt.
Posted by Nostradamus true prophecies  on  Wed Sep 26, 2007  at  08:24 PM
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