Napoleon Dynamite Star Not Dead

image The latest celebrity death rumor going around is that Jon Heder, star of Napoleon Dynamite, died in a car accident while driving with a friend to Salem, Oregon. A website making this claim is here. People have also been speculating about this rumor on the IMDB message boards (Thanks to Ana for the link). Jon Heder, of course, is not dead (unless that person who looks like him and has been making media appearances is just an imposter). Michael Heaton, of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, noted in a recent column that he had heard the 'Heder is Dead' rumor from his daughter. Which prompted him to comment that "It is the zenith of cultural obsession to have false rumors of someone's death spread like goose grease across the land."

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Posted on Fri Feb 18, 2005


He could have had an accident sharpening his bowstaff skillz, nunchuck skillz, or met face to face with a Liger, and lost.
Posted by sbnature  in  sb ca  on  Fri Feb 18, 2005  at  02:50 PM
"It is the zenith of cultural obsession to have false rumors of someone's death spread like goose grease across the land."

Ouch! Somebody block that mixed metaphor! Please!
Posted by Big Gary C  in  Dallas, Texas  on  Fri Feb 18, 2005  at  03:13 PM
Just to let all of you people know John Heder is dead. He did die in a car accident. see for yourslef It is very unfortunate but true
Posted by Dannielle  on  Sat Feb 19, 2005  at  10:08 PM
he's not dead.. people just want other people to make a deal about it because they think it's funny... good joke people.. we're all on our knees laughing our rocky oad ice cream up.
Posted by owen  in  USA - WI  on  Sat Feb 19, 2005  at  10:23 PM
I've actually heard of this one. Some teenagers at a local American Eagle were talking about of the employees is my li'l sister's best friend. She called my sister and told her about it. Then my sister said..."I'm sorry, are you, like, the stupidest person, like, ever??" I knew it. My sister is not a total idiot. (The first thing my sister did when she got off the phone with her friend was to tell me. Then I told here to check online. She found here. She called her friend back and said, "Like, tell your co-workers that they're totally wrong.")
Posted by Maegan  in  Tampa, FL - USA  on  Sun Feb 20, 2005  at  05:06 AM
If jon heder died, i would have died with him.

ninjapirate, your going down.


please marry me (:
Posted by Therese Iacono  in  West Warwick, Rhode Island  on  Sun Feb 20, 2005  at  07:11 AM
yea...i dunno if hes dead or not. but if he is ill kill myself......j/k. i love him tho. hes a cool guy. way cooler than superman and even way cooler than my dog hannah banana and incase you didnt kno its hard to be cooler than hannah. u might be asking why? so ill tell you...her full name is Hannah Banana Chiquita So-sweeta....yea , i kno...her name is the best name ever but then there came this awesome guy named NAPOLEON DYNAMITE and his name blew hannah right out of the water...she was depressed. so , anyways , i agree with the american eagle sister " he like totally isnt dead! like , what kind of idiot would think that!? like , if hes dead then like OH MY GOD! i might like go buy a picture of him and like make a shrine and like never go out side again and like be like this totally like devastated fan!" so yep...thats what i think.
Posted by jack  in  ?  on  Sun Feb 20, 2005  at  07:47 AM
first of all if you go to this site it says he is dead but y would they put pictures of dear danncing in the background. i have heard to many rumors about this....first it was he overdosed, then he was in a car crash, then pedro died, then his brother was in the car with him, then HE CHOKED ON A TATOR TOT, then he ate a meatball sandwhich and got food posioning, o ya and the last one (my personal favorite)was he got hit by a bus then went to his car and was shot. seriously how do u ppl believe this BULLCRAP!
Posted by sara  in  WI  on  Sun Feb 20, 2005  at  09:15 AM
My friends told me last night that Napoleon had died in a car accident on friday. I guess it was on MTV news or something. They said that he burned alive. I don't know if I believe this. We need some truth to this rumor! smile
Posted by Jenny  in  Carson City, Nevada  on  Sun Feb 20, 2005  at  12:52 PM
i think this is all a bunch of bull crap. and if its not........what has this world come to? napolean is an idol to many and i think we should all eat tator tots and practice our dance skills and move to idaho. idaho is a great place......all the cows......rocky mountain oysters lol!........and hay. so LONG LIVE NAPOLEAN! (i heard there coming out with a sequel!)
Posted by Alannah Bruizeman  on  Sun Feb 20, 2005  at  01:16 PM
OOOOkkkaaay. im not too sure waht to think anymore.... but if Napoleon Dynamite really did die... then WHy the hell would it be a secret? and there is no way the media wouldnt find out about this... this seems like some idiot who didnt like the movie Napoleon Dynamite decided to be a complete fool and start a rumor like this... please.. will someone set the story straight! did he or didnt he die? i <3 napoleon sooo freeaaking much... and id be soooo sad if he really did die... and if he didnt... then the ppl who made that rumor up should be shot.
Posted by jazzzz  in  orange, CA  on  Sun Feb 20, 2005  at  02:20 PM
what did it say on MTV news, my friend said he heard suptin about it on there.
Posted by Hombrae  in  Ypsilanti, MI  on  Sun Feb 20, 2005  at  03:21 PM
Frig, you people are stupid. Who believes that! "Bambi ran across the road" yeah I really bet.
Posted by Caitlin  in  Canada  on  Sun Feb 20, 2005  at  03:35 PM
lol ok, first of all, the site where it shows a pic of him coming out of a car, and dear in the background, even a freakin idiot could tell thats fake.. and that site is all jokes.. dont u think it would be on the news if he died? i look on the internet, jon heder dead, and all i get is roumours. and it said he drives a sunfire lol, u think an actor would drive a like $5000 car? haha..i think not.. ok bye
Posted by Jeff  on  Sun Feb 20, 2005  at  03:36 PM
Ninja Pirate, you guys are frigen idiots.
Posted by Jo  on  Sun Feb 20, 2005  at  03:38 PM
First, if the star of one of the most popular movies of the year died, it would be on and all the news sites and channels. It's not. Second, the only site that has confirmed his death is called, which after perusing his pages, doesn't look like a news site. Looks like a great plan to drum up site hits. Next expect to hear how the studio will secretly find a exact replica to cover up his death, you know, just like they did in the WWF when the Ultimate Warrior died?
(that was an urban legend too!)
Posted by Captain Platypus  in  Ohio  on  Sun Feb 20, 2005  at  03:38 PM

Posted by Caaaaitlin  on  Sun Feb 20, 2005  at  03:39 PM
What's everyone trying to do? Make John Heder look like a freaken Idiot?!?!?
Posted by Jojo  on  Sun Feb 20, 2005  at  03:45 PM
what the F.


how dare you talk shmack about my distant cousin.

the defect in you, is BLEACH.

I gotta go practise some dance moves.

Peace out.
Posted by Caitlin aka Jo's lover  on  Sun Feb 20, 2005  at  03:47 PM
You Ninja Idiots better watch it. We all know I'm training to become a cage fighter.
Posted by Jo aka Caitlin's lover  on  Sun Feb 20, 2005  at  03:49 PM
he did not die....i didnt belive it from the start. this kind of thing has happened before its just a silly prank that some corrupted weirdo started to make this controversy spread. well it did. they successeded. but i have looked all over the news and i havent found anything but those two websites. i looked on all the news websites, even the mtvnews and i found nothing. "The tragedy hasn't hit the media yet because Heder's parents wish to keep it undisclosed for as long as possible" the media doesnt care. theyd be all over the story. the mother couldnt control that.
so, i really dont think he died. he couldnt have. plus that ninjapirate website was kinda stupid and harsh if he died its not something to joke about
Posted by linda  on  Sun Feb 20, 2005  at  03:51 PM
get a chat room...
Posted by kitty  on  Sun Feb 20, 2005  at  05:12 PM
Posted by Chris Heder  in  usa  on  Sun Feb 20, 2005  at  07:12 PM
you guys are all morons.. napoleon dynamite was the worst movie i saw in years.. a 4 year old can come up with better jokes.. but the trend will hopefully pass in a month or two
Posted by peter  in  Corona, CA  on  Sun Feb 20, 2005  at  07:45 PM
-GAH! you guys are RETARDED!!....

napolean dynamite is pretty much flippin awesome..

-but who 'Freggin' cares anyways.. MY LIPS HURT REAL BAD!! im goin to the nurse for some chapstick.. i heard she had like 5 sticks..
Posted by Mo  in  Dallas Tx  on  Sun Feb 20, 2005  at  08:23 PM
ok yeah so that whole ninja pirate website .... yeah that picture of the car ..... i can tell you all a website right now that has that same picture on there and that picture has been on there for like a year
Posted by person  on  Sun Feb 20, 2005  at  08:45 PM
When I was told he was dead I almost cried... Stupid rumors...
Posted by Ailis is the coolest ever  on  Sun Feb 20, 2005  at  09:14 PM
Alex, please never write about teen stars again. I think this was the biggest stampede of stupidity I have ever seen in the comments of your site. Some of them were so ridiculous I had trouble figuring out if it was parody or not.

It didn't seem like anyone got that upset when Johnny Carson died. At least he had more of a career than one movie.
Posted by Avi  on  Sun Feb 20, 2005  at  09:16 PM
That Ninjapirate even spelled his name wrong... Its Jon Heder... Not John!! GOSH!!!
Posted by Ailis is the coolest  on  Sun Feb 20, 2005  at  09:21 PM
Who ever thinks that Jon Heder is dead is a bum with a bowstaff stuck up it! Omg! You people are so retardedly ill to think that... and if Jon did die.... We don't wanna go there cuz we wouldn't want him to die! I Love this guy... and honestly he made this movie a movie! And without Jon header Napoleon wouldnt be Napoleon... he would be....IDK! but it wouldn't be the same... So who ever made up this thing should get a bowstaff stuck up their bum!

~Talk to you later~
Posted by Kristi  in  Arizona  on  Sun Feb 20, 2005  at  09:24 PM
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