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MSNBC lists ten “heinous” internet hoaxes
MSNBC has posted a list of the "10 most heinous hoaxes on the Net." Though in the intro they admit they added in "a handful of amusing ones." Here's the list (minus their descriptions): I don't think "Bigfoot's body" counts as a true internet hoax. Sure, people discussed it on the internet, but it was also discussed on TV, radio, and in newspapers. As for heinous internet hoaxes, a few of the ones they missed include, Marry Our Daughter, and Lcpl. Boudreaux’s Sign
Posted by The Curator on Mon Nov 09, 2009

I'm surprised that I don't recognize several of these hoaxes.

When I worked on a morning drive radio show in Boise, Idaho, I booked and we interviewed the Manbeef guy. He did a great job of sticking to his story; he even used a voice changer on his phone to disguise his identity. Oddly, we got more calls from outraged listeners about Manbeef than we did about another phone guest who had sex with his dog and defended the practice. Go figure.
Posted by Cranky Media Guy  on  Mon Nov 09, 2009  at  08:34 PM
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