Miss Plastic Surgery

The BBC reports that a "Miss Plastic Surgery" beauty contest will be held in China in October. All the contestants must have enhanced their appearance via cosmetic surgery. The inspiration for the event came after a woman was barred from a beauty contest on account of her surgical enhancements. What surprises me here is that China has beaten America to the punch on this one. Where is our Miss Plastic Surgery contest? I thought Fox would have dreamed up something like this ages ago.

Body Manipulation

Posted on Thu Aug 05, 2004


Fox is great
Posted by john  in  NH  on  Thu Aug 05, 2004  at  04:19 PM
Er... Fox DID beat China to the punch - it was a reality series called "The Swan", where all the ladies had 'extreme makeovers' including plastic surgery.

Great website!
Posted by Chipper  on  Thu Aug 05, 2004  at  04:33 PM
I've seen Extreme Makeover, but not The Swan. But I didn't think The Swan was an actual beauty contest along the lines of Miss America.
Posted by The Curator  in  San Diego  on  Thu Aug 05, 2004  at  04:40 PM
The Swan (although I admit I didn't watch much of it, if any) centered around taking these "ugly ducklings" and by the miracle of plastic surgery. Then at the end they put all the women in a beauty pagent with catagories similar to Miss America to crown "the Swan".
Posted by Goo  in  Dexter, Maine  on  Thu Aug 05, 2004  at  08:13 PM
what i thought was funny about shows like extreme makeover is that in the before pictures the contestants are in there underwear with straggy hair and gormless expressions, then in the after pictures they are wearing beautiful cloathes, pefect makeup and hair and they are grinning for england,makes you wonder how much the surgery did change
Posted by dee  on  Thu Aug 12, 2004  at  05:34 AM
shouldn't the plastic surgeons get the awards then?
they're the ones who did all the work, the women
just paid them. at least with actual beauty
contests, the women make a real effort, like
exercising rather than just having the fat vacuumed out of their butts.
Posted by cate  on  Wed Nov 09, 2005  at  03:15 AM
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