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Mexican Ghost
sweet dreamsI just received this spooky photo from Katherine DeLong who explains that it's been making the rounds via email. The photo is accompanied by the following text:

This picture was taken in one of the rooms of "Our Lady of Charity" hospital in Toluca, Mexico while one of the patients was asleep, the patient had been involved in a multiple car accident and the lady under the bed was the only one person who died in the same accident and taken to the morgue, the brother's patient captured this image with his own camera and the picture has been seen around the world and has been authenticated by the research center in Chicago,Illinois

While I haven't seen the photo before, my first guess would be that it's a scene from a movie, though I have no idea which movie. The picture looks too well composed to be a casual snapshot. And whenever an email claims that something has been authenticated by a 'research center in Chicago,' while neglecting to mention which research center, you know that it's got to be a hoax.
Posted by The Curator on Tue Jan 20, 2004

I think it may be from "The Devil's Backbone."
Posted by Jabbman42  on  Tue Feb 03, 2004  at  04:41 PM
it's a Thai movie, The Mother.
see more detail here
Posted by Nai Art  on  Thu Feb 26, 2004  at  02:41 PM
it's from the thai movie, THE MOTHER.
Posted by lin  on  Sun Apr 04, 2004  at  09:31 PM
Mexican Ghost? Lol. Yeah, it's from a Thai movie "The Mother".
Posted by Shah  in  Singapore  on  Fri Jul 30, 2004  at  10:25 PM
The girl/women under the bed looks like Linda Blair from the film Exorcist
Posted by Jade Brooks  in  London, England  on  Tue Aug 17, 2004  at  08:53 AM
i've seen this movie and man, it's really really scary... and no it's not some mexican story... it's a thai drama+horror movie... it's really really good... it's the best one i've seen since The Eye... i get scared whenever i watch it...
Posted by coo-coo  on  Sat Sep 04, 2004  at  06:40 PM
Even if it not from a movie, it is not a ghost if you look, you can see the reflection from her foot in the floor.
Posted by Sabrina  in  Port Charlotte Florida  on  Tue Nov 02, 2004  at  01:24 PM
I think has an article about this where they traced its source. Sorry I can't remember the URL.
Posted by Anguirus  on  Wed May 31, 2006  at  11:59 AM
Posted by Boo  in  The Land of the Haggii...  on  Wed May 31, 2006  at  01:12 PM
Seems like a very worthwhile movie. Thanks much for the review!
Posted by films  in  n/a  on  Wed Nov 26, 2008  at  02:25 PM
It doesn't scare me...
Posted by Jobcentre-Iwish  in  UK  on  Wed Oct 20, 2010  at  04:40 AM
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