Massage Relieves Nasal Congestion

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image The following technique to relieve nasal congestion by massaging points on your nose has been widely linked to (especially after getting posted on Supposedly this technique will provide immediate relief from congestion. Here's what you're supposed to do:
Perform the below routine 3 times:
1. Perform 10 pressures on a cavity at the corner of the nostrils (point 1). You should almost close and open the nostrils when you do the round movement.
2. Perform 10 pressures on a cavity just below the corner of the eyes near the nose (point 2)
3. Perform 10 pressures on a cavity just below the ear, behind the earlobe (point 3)
4. Massage the earlobe 10 times (point 4)

After performing the above 3 times, you should feel immediate relief of your nasal congestion. It is advised to return on the above procedure again in about 10 minutes to make it more permanent or the congestion could return.
I haven't tried this, but I'd be willing to bet that it doesn't work for me. Massaging my nose might feel good and temporarily relieve some pressure, but I can't imagine it would actually clear up congestion. For that I rely on drugs. If I have an allergic reaction, zyrtec works pretty well for me. (Claritin does almost nothing.) If I have a cold, I use Nyquil. Though I've heard Nyquil doesn't work as well as it used to since ingredients have been removed so that it can no longer be used to manufacture home-made methamphetamines.


Posted on Mon Jun 12, 2006


Okay, just tried this, and all I've ended up with is a sore nose. I can't say that it's less decongested than before.
Posted by Smerk  in  to mischief  on  Mon Jun 12, 2006  at  07:39 PM
didn't help whatsoever, complete waste of my time.
Posted by Colin  in  NJ, USA  on  Mon Jun 12, 2006  at  08:46 PM
It works for me, my wife and family. You can also come to the article and read people's testimonials after more than 20000 people have read the article. Also, read on digg and I have collected some responses on the "discussions" post on the site.

If it doesn't help you than maybe it's also since you were predetermined that it wouldn't work or you have not done it properly.

It doesn't have to help everyone anyway, just as not each drug helps everyone. But it surely helps a lot of people.
Posted by Jacob  on  Tue Jun 13, 2006  at  12:03 AM
I read this thing on another page (I forgot where it is) where to clear your nose you thrust your tounge against the roof of your mouth then you press between your eyes. just keep on doing those two for about 20 seconds. I'v tried it and it actually works.
Posted by Hiroto  in  Tokyo  on  Tue Jun 13, 2006  at  01:11 AM
One good thing about decongestants etc. at because their effect is pharmacological they work (or don't!) regardless of whether or not I cave convinced myself they won't. Although I've nothing against placebos:)

Anyway, testimonial schmestimonial - repeat after me: the plural of anecdote is not data...

That said, I've not tried it. When I'm next congested I'll give it a go - it can't do any harm I guess and doesn't put money in the pocket of some snakeoil salesman:)
Posted by outeast  on  Tue Jun 13, 2006  at  01:26 AM
Yep, I use Zyrtec for my allergies too and sometimes Xergic which is better for stopping me from ripping my skin off from itching.

And I find I don't get congested as much with allergies, in fact my poor nose doesn't stop running.

Now, aren't you all glad for that mental image!
Posted by Nettie  in  Perth, Western Australia  on  Tue Jun 13, 2006  at  06:27 AM
Worked for me, although I can't figure out why it would.
Posted by Jeff  in  Switzerland  on  Wed Jun 14, 2006  at  01:36 AM
I don't know about instruction #1's ten pressures. But I can say that continuous pressure for 10-20 seconds does offer some relief. I discovered this on my own. Doesn't seem to clear congestion, but what I think it is doing is restricting blood flow to the mucus membranes in the nasal cavity. This allows for temporary relif and may allow you to blow your nose where you may have been too congested to do so before.
Posted by Rich  in  Earth  on  Wed Jun 14, 2006  at  12:22 PM

Try this instead:
1. Inhale normally, then exhale normally
2. Hold your nose closed
3. Nod for a few seconds
4. Release nose, wait a second, then inhale normally
Posted by Ian  on  Fri Jun 16, 2006  at  02:43 PM
Wow this thing works i was looking for a way to taste my food and did this right away and it worked :D!
Posted by Dave  in  Chicago  on  Sat Jun 17, 2006  at  02:03 PM
It did something, but it didn't clear my congestion. Oh no! My nose fell off!
Posted by Jim  in  U.S.A.  on  Mon Jun 19, 2006  at  11:13 PM
this does actually work (with various degrees of effectiveness, based on how bad the congestion is). as you can imagine, where i'm from we get congestion quite often wink every kid learns this from his/her parents (with the addition of applying pressure to temples, although i skip that because it tends to give me headaches). my guess is that this has to do with sinuses (sinii?) being blocked and somehow this helps them to clear up.

although i don't think you can get it elsewhere, russians usually use this with a 'vietnamese star' paste. it comes in smallish, round and red metal disc cases with this herbal paste in them. it stinks like all hell and does the whole hot-then-cold thing when applied to skin and feels a bit like mint when you smell it. god bless communism! wink
Posted by Paul  in  from Russia with Love  on  Wed Oct 11, 2006  at  09:18 PM
So. I read this and figured it wouldn't work. But to be fair I tried it anyway. As I was doing it I didn't really notice anything. When I finished, I felt just as stuffed up... but my nose was starting to run. I went and blew my nose and almost everything that had kept me congested came right out. It really did loosen everything up so I wasn't as congested. It actually worked!
Posted by Tim  on  Tue Mar 27, 2007  at  08:03 AM
This works for me maybe once a season. I have mold spore allergies, and if my medication hasn't kicked in yet, I will try this rememdy to clear my nose, but it seems to only work the first time I try it over a span of a few weeks to months. I dunno why.
Posted by Wydok  on  Wed May 30, 2007  at  12:38 PM
This worked for me. My nose is still a bit stuffy, but I can actually breathe through one side of my nostril now--before, I was completely congested. My head is a lot more clear now too. I felt my nose clearing up while I did the massage, and afterwards I blew my nose and I could breathe. It helped that I washed my face before, because everything feels a lot more fresh. You should try the massage, because it might work for you too. It only takes maybe 2 minutes, it's really not that much of a waste of time.
Posted by Wiley  on  Fri Dec 04, 2009  at  10:26 PM
I have neck issues, I can become congested for no reason but then self manipulating my neck in an osteopathic way often immediately clears it up so I can see the possibility of this working, it is not only colds and flu that cause stuffiness.
Posted by JimmyPop  in  New Zealand  on  Tue Jun 11, 2013  at  07:46 PM
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