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Martian Pareidolia: An Elephant in Lava Flow
An image released by NASA last week, taken by the Mars Reconaissance Orbiter, shows ancient lava flow on the surface of Mars, in the Elysium Planitia region. Some are saying that the shape of the lava flow looks like an elephant. Hmm. It looks like Jesus to me. (link:

Categories: Pareidolia
Posted by The Curator on Tue Apr 10, 2012
It's obviously the Elephant Man. So you're both partly right!
Posted by MrHenderson  in  Teddington UK  on  Fri Apr 13, 2012  at  05:47 PM
Strange. I cant' see it. Could someone highlight it for me, please?
Posted by Cliodna  in  Estonia  on  Fri Apr 20, 2012  at  07:13 AM
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