Man propositions girl online; discovers its his wife

There's an urban legend about an unfaithful husband who strikes up an online relationship with a woman. He finally arranges to meet her, only to discover that his online lover is his wife. The BBC reports a story that's similar to this, but much seedier:

A suspicious wife posed as a teenager online to catch her husband propositioning girls in a chatroom, Cardiff Crown Court has heard...
The court heard that mother-of-two Mrs Roberts became suspicious about the amount of time her husband was spending in his study and of a message which popped up on their computer while he was out.
While Roberts was chatting online in his study, Mrs Roberts used a different computer in the living room at their home in Pantygog, Bridgend, and pretended to be a schoolgirl.
Roberts propositioned the "girl", unaware he was chatting to his wife, the court was told.


Posted on Thu Nov 12, 2009


Pantygog. That is all.
Posted by Mr R  on  Fri Nov 13, 2009  at  01:55 AM
*Ahem* Sings:
"If you like pina colodas taking walks in the rain...."
Posted by RainOubliette  in  Pennsylvania  on  Fri Nov 13, 2009  at  06:34 AM
Isn't that a pretty valid 'smoking gun'?
Posted by hulitoons  in  Abingdon, Maryland  on  Fri Nov 13, 2009  at  07:20 AM
Rain beat me to it. My first thought on reading this was of the same song.
Posted by TexasAndroid  on  Fri Nov 13, 2009  at  07:26 AM
Trying the link again....
Posted by TexasAndroid  on  Fri Nov 13, 2009  at  07:26 AM
Sorry those links do not work. Not sure what I'm doing wrong.
Posted by TexasAndroid  on  Fri Nov 13, 2009  at  07:27 AM
TexasAndroid: The software that runs this site seems to be removing the parentheses from your link. I don't know why. The software automatically turns URLs into clickable links, but it obviously has a few quirks.

Embedding the url in an "a href" tag might avoid this problem. Try this.
Posted by The Curator  in  San Diego  on  Fri Nov 13, 2009  at  08:03 AM
"Pantygog, Bridgend"?
Yeah, right.

This story has, of course, been around much longer than the internet. In the older version, the cheating spouse answers a "personals" ad, or (even older) flirts with an attractive stranger, unaware it's his/her spouse (or sister, daughter, son, brother, etc.) in disguise. See many comic operas, and a few Bible stories, for the latter.
Posted by Big Gary  on  Fri Nov 13, 2009  at  09:08 AM
Pantygog is certainly a real place, try doing a search for "Pantygog, Bridgend". It is in Wales which has sillier place names than that, such as: Pantywacco, Shwt, Three Cocks, Pantypwdyn, Penisarwain, Clwt and Pisgah. Just look at a map of Wales and there are hundreds of them.

Of course, that doesn't make the story true...
Posted by Croydon Bob  on  Tue Nov 17, 2009  at  06:39 AM
There is no reason to doubt the story, which was widely reported in the UK. In fact the BBC would not be able to get away with using a photo of an innocent man (or video footage - it was on TV news) - or faking a court report for that matter. Libel laws are extremely strict in the UK, and rival news outlets are always trying to catch the BBC out.
Posted by Mr Henderson  on  Wed Dec 02, 2009  at  12:33 PM
I can confirm that the reported case actually went to Crown Court in the last 4 weeks. 68 year old David Roberts was given a three-year community order and banned from having access in person or online to under 18s.
Posted by Taha Idris  on  Fri Dec 04, 2009  at  02:48 PM
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