Man Boobs Prank

This is stupid and gross, but kind of funny anyway. Here's the set-up: "Penthouse Playmate, Kyli Ryan, came to The Bear studios for a visit and The Bear's Breakfast decided to pull a fast one. Yukon was blindfolded and was then told he would be able to "cop a feel". Bear listener "Man Boobs" was brought in for Yukon to unknowingly feel up." The page showing the images of the prank is safe for work (depending on where you work, I suppose), but potentially not safe for your feeling of mental well being.


Posted on Wed Dec 01, 2004


Good God - I find the pictures both sickening and hilarious. .
Posted by jason  on  Wed Dec 01, 2004  at  07:30 PM
Dammit now there are guys with bigger boobs than me - I'll never win.
Posted by Saribellum  in  Another Time  on  Wed Dec 01, 2004  at  09:51 PM
One of the local radio stations here has a contest every year. They give away a breast enlargement surgery. Women send in pictures of their...nakedness...& then people vote on who has the worst boobs...& she wins the surgery. I think it's kind of gross.
Posted by Maegan  in  Tampa, FL - USA  on  Thu Dec 02, 2004  at  11:32 AM
Hey, Maegan, if that's only "kind of gross," what would you find really crass, degrading, and disgusting?
Posted by Big Gary C  in  Dallas, Texas  on  Thu Dec 02, 2004  at  03:53 PM
I live in Sweden and a radio station here had a contest in which you could win a breast enlargement surgery...I thought it was a sick joke at first,but hey,as stupid as the world is,it wasn
Posted by Evey  on  Fri Dec 03, 2004  at  03:52 PM
Really crass? People joking about child porn. Really degrading? Hmm...have to think on that one a bit. And REALLY disgusting?? Incest.

I really hate a lot of things. But Hate is a strong word & shouldn't be thrown about lightly. I hate child molesters. I hate how society tolerates things just because it's 'rude' to get involved. I use gross because it keeps me from hating.
Posted by Maegan  in  Tampa, FL - USA  on  Sun Dec 05, 2004  at  09:20 AM
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