Leprechaun Loose in Alabama

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image Some residents of Mobile, Alabama are claiming that a leprechaun is loose in their neighborhood. It shows up in the branches of a tree at night. Apparently it can't be photographed, but the thumbnail shows an "amateur sketch" of what people say it looks like. The NBC 15 news broadcast that covered this interesting phenomenon reports that: "eyewitnesses say the leprechaun only comes out at night. If you shine a light in its direction, it suddenly disappears." Make sure that you catch the guy who appears towards the end of the report who has "a special leprechaun flute which has been passed down from thousands of years ago from my great, great grandfather who is Irish."

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Posted on Thu Mar 23, 2006


I suppose they'll be saying "Leprechauns are black!" after this. First Jesus, then Santa, now Leprechauns.


Posted by Matt  in  AMERICA  on  Fri Apr 28, 2006  at  01:47 PM
i love the mystery of the Leprechaun in the tree but you don't kno if it's true because of the stupidity of the black people in that neighborhood...need more photos and if so atleast better ones!!!
Posted by Brian  in  tarboro  on  Sun May 07, 2006  at  07:46 PM
I think they have nothing else to give to the community except to get on the news with this story.As far as the news they are idots for even covering it.Whats next we find smurfs or ninja turtles in NY.Lets forget the crime and chase little green men.
Posted by Anonymous  in  FL  on  Fri Jun 16, 2006  at  10:42 AM
..a special leprechaun flute which has been passed down from thousands of years ago from my great, great grandfather who is Irish."

hehe unless this guys father was a scaffold erectionist i don't think so. His "Flute" is used to connect two frames of scaffold together.
Posted by The Patch  in  Little Rock, Arkansas  on  Fri Jun 30, 2006  at  12:38 PM
I just wanna know where the gol. I want the gol. Give me the gol.
Posted by Leprechaun  in  Alabama  on  Fri Jul 07, 2006  at  06:20 PM
Reality is all in one's perception, and collective belief can create anything. We are all creators. We are all part of the infinite, so yes, I believe they are in fact seeing a Leprechaun....Look at history, as the mindset changed new creatures were formed, it is all cosmic dust anyway, open to interpretation, we mold it into whatever image we see fit...It is all in the mind to begin with. Thoughts are things. cool hmm
Posted by CoRa  in  INDIANA  on  Sun Aug 20, 2006  at  01:13 PM
Only within the confines of your mind. wink
Posted by Charybdis  in  Hell  on  Mon Aug 21, 2006  at  10:43 AM
I've recently seen the MSNBC video, and I was shocked at how an entire group of people could be some dumb, and entire community. "I want the gold," and "A special flute that has been passed down." I do not see it as a ace based thing, but I think each, and every single person on that broadcast should be slapped, and put in a mental hospital for a long time.
Posted by Demetrius  in  Atlanta  on  Fri Nov 17, 2006  at  05:43 PM
This is the silliest web site I have come across in a long time. I live in Alabama...Mobile Alabama....I am not saying that I don't believe in Leprechauns....or green crack....but that last one I seen didn't look anything like that picture.
Posted by Living in the tree with the leprechauns smokin the  in  Mobile Alabama  on  Fri Mar 16, 2007  at  10:01 PM
Okay they have been showing this same video for years.It is just a lil bit of Bama humour i guess.We enjoy seeing people really believe these things its funny right??

As for the racist shit,Do we always have to turn everything into racism we are having a lil fun whats the problem its people like you who ruin the party..........I am a white woman and not prejudice by far........I just think its rediculous that someone mentions crackhead and you assume they are being racist no one said black crackhead the damn leprachaun is GREEN!!!
Posted by LLL  in  Mobile,Al  on  Sat Mar 17, 2007  at  09:40 AM
My friends aunt said she got bitten by one.I laugh at first but maby..........
Posted by jolynn  in  pittsburgh  on  Sun Mar 18, 2007  at  11:02 AM
Who said its a hoax?

A company in ireland will catch a Leprechaun fro you and post it to the USA. Perhaps its one of theirs that escaped. Their web-site is http://www.catchaleprechasun.com
Posted by brad  on  Fri Apr 27, 2007  at  06:45 AM
sorry that web site should be http://www.catchaleprechaun.com
Posted by brad  on  Fri Apr 27, 2007  at  06:46 AM
What art school did that amateur sketch artist go to? It looks like my friend's senior thesis.
Posted by michael mc belfast  in  chicago  on  Thu Feb 28, 2008  at  09:19 PM
Posted by mike hunt  in  right here  on  Fri Feb 29, 2008  at  08:40 AM
i think the legs of women are too loose in Alabama and they need to stop having kids, this shows it.
Posted by me  on  Thu Apr 30, 2009  at  07:24 PM
"You stole my lucky charms!"
Posted by Dave  in  Illini  on  Tue Sep 22, 2009  at  10:01 PM
It was Alvin the Chipmunk, materialized from the cartoon while that strange boy played the magic flute.
Posted by Martyn Lorentz  on  Sun Mar 21, 2010  at  10:03 AM
Posted by Anon  on  Wed Oct 06, 2010  at  01:09 PM
if you think this is an alien your a queef. and it aint no midget in no tree they dont disappear this idiot was high and thought he saw something now if you are stupid enough to sit on here and post stupid shit oyu need a life
Posted by yo momma  in  yo mommas house  on  Mon Oct 11, 2010  at  08:54 AM
I think this is nonsense. Dwarfs do not happen.
Posted by grantk  in  Москва  on  Wed Mar 30, 2011  at  06:19 AM
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