Unfortunate Last Names

I've always thought my last name was pretty bad. And I mean that in the literal sense. 'Boese' means 'bad' (or angry) in German. But its meaning wouldn't matter much if only English-speaking people could pronounce it (it's 'burr-za', as if it had an 'r' in it... not 'boose'). But I shouldn't feel too sorry for myself, because this guy in Brazil, Mr. Reinhardt Adolfo Fuck, has me beat hands down. As far as I can tell, that really is his name. He must get endless jokes about it.


Posted on Thu May 20, 2004


there is a lawyer in town named R.D. Pitts & my best friend has an aunt with the last name Snodgrass
Posted by tiffany  in  Woodstock, AL  on  Mon Jun 21, 2004  at  11:32 AM
I had an ex who name was William Robert Burger. Well we called him jokingly called him Billy Bob Burger. Being that he was from the backwoods it seeemed really funny. To make matters worse my friend said to me one day if you two were to get married the announcement would read The Hammer-Burger wedding. Lets just say ummmm no.
Posted by Lauvn  in  phx.az  on  Mon Jun 21, 2004  at  08:18 PM
I think you should all have a look at that...
Posted by Biochem  on  Tue Jun 22, 2004  at  12:56 PM
Mehoff, Jack
4170 N Marine Dr
Chicago, IL 60613-2344
(773) 281-6576

Poor Guy...

Take a look:

Posted by Graphhead  on  Tue Jun 22, 2004  at  01:00 PM
In Germany we have some funny names too.One of my favorites is Donald Duck!But the worst names I ever have seen are "Martha Pfahl" (Marterpfahl means in german `the stake
Posted by Lars  in  Germany  on  Wed Jun 23, 2004  at  09:14 PM
I went to high school with a girl named
Constant Grime.
Posted by Susan  in  Virginia  on  Thu Jun 24, 2004  at  11:55 AM
My brother know someone who comes to CVS a lot and her daughter's name is Spatula.
How worse can you get?
Posted by Katie  on  Thu Jun 24, 2004  at  06:04 PM
boy at school whos name is nick king..he once put his name together with one k on the test paper...nicking..the teacher wasnt happy!! smile
Posted by anon  on  Fri Jun 25, 2004  at  03:16 PM
I knew a guy in high school whose name was Cherry Sweat. Not so much unfortunate, as just plain funny.
Posted by chris sumner  in  charleston, south carolina  on  Sat Jun 26, 2004  at  08:26 PM
I work in the medical records department of a family practice and I've come across interesting names. No Shithead - but there is a Shitisha. Several Precious's including an older gentleman (?). Georgia Moon (one of my favorites). Donkevious (Donkey?). In my hometown there was a little girl named Atari.
Posted by Dana  in  SC  on  Sat Jun 26, 2004  at  10:43 PM
In grammar school there was Mary Titsworth. For the next sixth years until grammar school graduation no one could hear her name without laughing. Lance Crapo is a respected NYC journailist and publisher...go ahead, google him.
Posted by D.Day  on  Sat Jun 26, 2004  at  11:00 PM
P.S. Forgot to mention these...sorry in advance if I am offending anyone, but you have to admit that Chinese names are sometimes irresistably amusing. There is a barber shop in Chinatown, NYC called Mei Dick Barber Shop. (pronounced My Dick) There is also a company on my block called "Five Brothers Hung Phat" (Talk about trying to hype yourself up!) lastly my cousin, the teacher, had a "Fuk Yu" in her class. Really it was pronounced "Fook," but it's close enough....
Posted by D. Day  on  Sat Jun 26, 2004  at  11:20 PM
In Toledo, Ohio there are two doctors with odd names. There is a urologist named Dr. Dick Tapper. This is true, my dad went to him. And there is a cardiologist, Dr. Glascock. I also went to school with a girl of the last name Mann. Her mom was Anita. There is a family by the last name of Cass in our town. One guy's name is Richard, but goes by Dick. Say his name fast.. Dick Cass..
Posted by Bob  on  Sun Jun 27, 2004  at  03:44 PM
My aunt taught at a college when I was a kid. One of her students, first name Nova, married a dentist, Dr. Kane. And a former coworker of mine had a friend whose housekeeper was so excited about the birth of her granddaughter..."and they picked such a beautiful name....Saphyllis"
Posted by willow  on  Sun Jun 27, 2004  at  08:06 PM
oh, yeah...and I had a doctor...an audiologist actually which doesn't add anything to the joke...named Harry Palm.
Posted by willow  on  Sun Jun 27, 2004  at  08:09 PM
..and...my ex husband knew some sort of commander or some bigshot in a US Army airborne division. He named his daughter Canopy, and his son Ripcord.
Posted by willow  on  Sun Jun 27, 2004  at  08:12 PM
at our local hospital there was a set of twins of Laotian (Cambodian) parentage. Their names: Bang and Fang
Posted by willow  on  Sun Jun 27, 2004  at  08:27 PM
there is a thai boy at our school named Eric Shun
Posted by aaron  in  darfield new zealand  on  Sun Jun 27, 2004  at  08:59 PM
there's a family around here with the last name of 'manluv'
Posted by Pat  in  SD  on  Mon Jun 28, 2004  at  12:22 AM
I came across several interesting names as a data entry clerk. One was a young woman with the surname Dy, first name Princess. The most memorable was an application from a student with the last name Butt. He listed his father - Harry - as his next of kin.
Posted by Milo  on  Mon Jun 28, 2004  at  01:07 AM
My sister's best friend in grade school was named Gay Love. Her next best friend at the same time was Di Darling. The marketing manager of a bank I worked for just out of school in Sydney was named Gay Rule and I was given a card at an exhibition last year by a bloke named A. Longhorn. The weirdest possible name was passed on to my business partner this year by a friend - one of her colleages at her hospital's oncology department was a Korean named Di Soon.
Posted by JohnA  in  Sydney Australia  on  Mon Jun 28, 2004  at  04:20 AM
ok...i beat them all. I know a guy called "The Naughty Seamonkey" (he had obviously changed his name), and I had a teacher at college called "Pinky Green" which was his real name but he apparently changed his middle name to "Lavender"...and i know its almost a national lampoon joke but i knew a guy in New Zealand called Wayne King
Posted by pittle  in  latvia  on  Mon Jun 28, 2004  at  11:31 AM
I know a guy named Garland Christmas, his mother's name is Mary Christmas.
Posted by Butter  in  Washington, DC  on  Tue Jun 29, 2004  at  09:40 AM
I went to school with a Micheal Hunt, a Mike Hunt and a Theresa Green.
Posted by Paul  on  Tue Jun 29, 2004  at  12:03 PM
I worked for a toy company and the lady in charge of customer service during the holiday was named Mary Christmas. At this same company were a couple of gentlemen by the name of Rich Jew & Jim Beam. I had a teacher by the name of Dick Butt and worked with a lady by the name of Elizabeth Taylor. One of my old bosses name was Stephen Stevens. Life is strange.
Posted by Susan  in  Chicago Area  on  Tue Jun 29, 2004  at  03:27 PM
I am working on the replacemant for the Hubble Telescope and one of the seceratary's is J. Hubbel. The fella designing the optics is P. Lightsey and my dentist is named... yup you guessed it Dr. Payne
Posted by Patrick Brownrigg  in  long beach  on  Tue Jun 29, 2004  at  04:19 PM
I recently met a hot little asian sales rep by the name of Phoon Tang. She emaphatically pronounce her first name as FONG - but none of us in the meeting could stop laughing for a week!

Also went to school with a pre-med student by the name Lance Peters. Obviously, he was interested in urology. I wonder what ever became of that dick sticker....
Posted by Anon  on  Tue Jun 29, 2004  at  06:42 PM
I just ran into this at work...a customer by the name of Tinka D. Topping. I kid you not.
Posted by willow  on  Tue Jun 29, 2004  at  09:36 PM
A colleague at work went to elementary school with a Vietnamese kid named Phuc Ngo. Pretty common names over there, but real conversation pieces here in the states!
Posted by Thomas  on  Wed Jun 30, 2004  at  11:13 AM
There are two women who work for Talbots in two different stores named September Walker and Carnegie Clatterbaugh. Yipe!
Posted by Ga  on  Wed Jun 30, 2004  at  11:44 AM
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