Kaycee Nicole in Training

Interesting letter in today's Dear Abby:

DEAR ABBY: I am a 10-year-old girl who has been playing after school on a Web site for pet lovers. I like to talk to kids older than me — 14- or- 15-year-olds. A lot of the boys I've talked to have asked for my picture, so I went to Google and found a picture of a pretty blond girl around 15 years old. I have been sending this picture to all the people who have asked me for one.

So this is what the future holds for us. A whole generation of Kaycee Nicole Swensons in training.


Posted on Fri Jan 07, 2005


I can't believe her mother allows her to communicate with ANYONE on the web...let alone get on a website & just start chatting/posting!!!
Posted by Maegan  on  Fri Jan 07, 2005  at  03:29 PM
Hmm, what about your mother, Maegan? 😉
Posted by Big Gary C  on  Fri Jan 07, 2005  at  06:00 PM
I've always suspected that a high percentage of the letters in Dear Abby are fakes. Probably not faked by Dear Abby herself, but by the folks who send them in.
Posted by Big Gary C  on  Fri Jan 07, 2005  at  06:02 PM
I read that. Did seem a bit fake to me.
Posted by Dany  on  Fri Jan 07, 2005  at  06:20 PM
Ha! Of course they are! Trying to fool Abby into printing a hoax or urban legend is practically a sport among geeky people! You guys haven't heard of this?

Check this out:


They've been doing it for years. It looks like this latest is a case of someone fooling Abby, Inc. but good. The letter is calculated for maximum effect, to set off an adult's (especially an uptight one's) child-protecting warning bells to their highest volume.

Funny. (Well, as long as you take it for a joke and don't dwell on the real cases of children being pimped out over the Web...)
Posted by Barghest  on  Fri Jan 07, 2005  at  09:44 PM
After much thought, and trying to turn the parental alarm bells off, I've decided to agree that this letter is probably a hoax. There are precocious children, of course, but I think the letter is written entirely too well for a 10-yr old, no matter how intelligent. The hormones don't *really* kick in till about 12 or so. If this was an honest letter, I feel Dear Abby Inc.'s response was very appropriate, but I believe they've been "had" this time.
Posted by stork  on  Fri Jan 07, 2005  at  10:47 PM
Stork, hormones or otherwise, I know several people who did plenty of lying on the internet--as young as 10. In my early internet days (say, 5 years ago?) I met one of them. She did lots of lying. I believed her, not necessarily because she was a good liar, but because I was kind of an idiot back then. I assume you could say the same for a lot of 14 and 15 year old boys hanging out on the 'net. After I stopped believing her, the truth came out and we are still friends. She actually works for me now. Also, a 10 year old who is smart enough to find a believable picture of a 'pretty blonde' and cover the tracks of her lies is certainly smart enough to write a letter with no major grammatical mistakes. Just because most bona-fide adults can't do it doesn't mean a kid can't.

I don't see any reason why this would be a hoax from the letter itself. I would think if I were going to hoax Dear Abby, I would come up with a more exciting dilemma than something rather commonplace in internet chat rooms.
Posted by James D  on  Fri Jan 07, 2005  at  11:03 PM
as long as they dont say tubgirl is them, its all good
Posted by freak  on  Sat Jan 08, 2005  at  12:07 AM
I read Dear Abby every day, and this is probably one of the more boring letters she prints. Some other ones are more dramatic, more likely to be made up than this one. Hell, if the internet were around when I was ten, I'd probably be doing the same thing. I was reading at tenth grade level when I was ten, so it's not unlikely this girl is too. Writing a letter, especially one this short, is nothing for a fifth grader if you're one of the "gifted" students.

Anyway, I've only seen Abby catch one urban legend in the past six months or so. Especially now that the original Dear Abby has passed the honors on to her daughter, more urban legends and spoofs seem to be getting printed 😊
Posted by Sarah  on  Sat Jan 08, 2005  at  12:22 AM
Also, Dear Abby edits the letters she receives. I know this for a fact, as one of my letters was printed in a response column (I was responding to a previously written letter), and not only was my letter "trimmed" for length and a comma removed (therefore making it NOT grammatically correct), she even misspelled my name! (It was printed with no H.) So even if there were mistakes, grammatical or otherwise, it would have been edited before printing.
Posted by Sarah  on  Sat Jan 08, 2005  at  12:24 AM
Okay, James D - You win! Your posted comment is convincing, and I had a hunch when I was writing my post, that there would be 'someone' out there who could educate me further, -Thanks! Sarah, sorry, but although Dear Abby, Inc. does edit the printed letters from recipients for unprintable language, confusing grammer, syntax, etc., I believe the editing problems you are most familiar with are coming from the production staff of your own daily newspaper. At the end of your last post, you are giving too much credit to the competance of your local 2AM printing crew. You should see how a couple of my 'Letters to the Editor' to our local newspaper turned out a couple years, ago, when printed. Bottom line - I don't write to them anymore.
Posted by stork  on  Sat Jan 08, 2005  at  09:22 PM
Stork--I don't have a subscription to the newspaper. I read Dear Abby every day at dearabby.com.
Posted by Sarah  on  Sun Jan 09, 2005  at  12:38 AM
Why would 14-15 year old boys spend their time on sites for pet lovers?

I know what I was doing on the net 10 years ago when I was 14, and looking at sites for pet lovers it definately wasn't.
Posted by David  on  Sun Jan 09, 2005  at  07:03 AM
"Hmm, what about your mother, Maegan?"
-My mother gave me free reign. I would go into dirty chatrooms & ask if anyone wanted pics & when I got a reply (okay, like a hundred replies) I would send a virus. My dad (met him once, he lives in another part of the country) was a computer wiz & gave me the virus to send. He had fixed it up so that it looked normal & when they opened "Maggie's Home Video" .exe, they got a worm. I got in a lot of trouble when I got caught. My mom watched as I deleted every line of code from my website, destroyed the disks holding the virus progs...deleted names from my BuddyList. Too bad she didn't know I had it all backed up! I got in trouble the 2nd time too. The second time she got rid of the internet access. But by then I was working at a library. (Internet access on the library computer.) Now I'm older, wiser, & have forgotten all of the HTML I ever knew except for this.
Posted by Maegan  on  Sun Jan 09, 2005  at  08:46 AM
Bet that taught them their lesson.
Posted by James D  on  Sun Jan 09, 2005  at  09:29 AM
David: because there are girls there.
Posted by James D  on  Sun Jan 09, 2005  at  09:30 AM
I must admit, when I saw 'website for pet lovers' I did a major double-take. I guess the nature of the Internet led me to misunderstant what was meant...
Posted by paul in prague  on  Mon Jan 10, 2005  at  03:54 AM
somebody is so full of poo-poo, I'm not going to mention any names, but it sounds a lot like pagan. :D
Posted by Craig  on  Mon Jan 10, 2005  at  06:21 AM
forgetting the e: priceless.
Posted by Craig  on  Mon Jan 10, 2005  at  06:22 AM
Craig? Did you have anything to back that up? Or is my being full of poo a spontaneous sort of thing??
Posted by Maegan  on  Mon Jan 10, 2005  at  10:33 AM
Also...I noticed I've got to defend myself an awful lot. Get off it! It's ticking me off just a little.
Posted by Maegan  on  Mon Jan 10, 2005  at  10:36 AM
>> My mother gave me free reign...

Sounds like bunk to me too. Maybe there's a reason you have to defend yourself a lot.
Posted by Bill B.  on  Mon Jan 10, 2005  at  12:49 PM
Hey, don't give Maegan a hard time! I trust her.
Posted by The Curator  in  San Diego  on  Mon Jan 10, 2005  at  01:05 PM
First she was a security guard. Now she was a hacker. Yeah, I would put my trust in her too.
Posted by Craig  on  Mon Jan 10, 2005  at  01:09 PM
Oh come on guys. She didn't say she wrote the virus, just sent it off. I could do the same thing from home in under 3 minutes with no prep time. Usenet is full of viruses (virii?) free for the taking. Is it so hard to believe that a teenage girl could do it? Hell, my yet-to-be-conceived children could practically pull this off.

There's no reason to automatically mistrust her for something so, well - commonplace. Unless, of course she's a Government Spook. In which case we're all screwed anyway.
Posted by Charybdis  on  Mon Jan 10, 2005  at  01:42 PM
Maegan's been posting comments on this site for a long time... probably as long as anyone else I can think of. Which doesn't automatically mean that I should trust her, but I do. Everything she's ever said about her life seems pretty consistent to me.
Posted by The Curator  in  San Diego  on  Mon Jan 10, 2005  at  02:07 PM
I wouldn't say I don't trust Maegan, but after this I'm sure not going to ask her for any pictures.
Posted by Big Gary C  on  Mon Jan 10, 2005  at  03:40 PM
...lol. I never said I was a hacker. I was given the virus by a well-meaning but probably not on top of things guy who never really had to be a dad. Also, my mom didn't realize what I was doing. She had no idea about chat/IM capabilities. I was 14/15 so this was...'97/'98 sometime. The security guard thing was right after I turned 18...but I only did it for a few weeks (maybe 7/8), b/c I smelled bad afterwards & I didn't like the heat. I rode around w/ someone in a golf cart all day. Think Florida in June.

I also quit, b/c I got hired on at a Video Store that I had applied at. Less than a year later, I was dating a guy that kept me more interested in him than the computer & thus I slowly backed out of the HTML life. Fast forward 14 months, I'm pregnant...5 months later we're married, now a year & a half laterish I have the cutest (seriously THE custest) baby & I am working in the Insurance industry. (My video job & my insurance job overlapped for a few months...I just liked the free rentals.) There. Do you need references & past W-2s?
Posted by Maegan  on  Tue Jan 11, 2005  at  10:11 AM
In my experience, people who are not lying don't bother spending that much time defending themselves.

Not saying that you are lying, just saying...you're acting like a liar. 😊
Posted by James D  on  Wed Jan 12, 2005  at  01:12 PM
hey, that's my local paper!
Posted by Jessica  on  Wed Jan 12, 2005  at  03:48 PM
...and if I hadn't defended myself I'd still be a liar. Thanks. I can feel the love.
Posted by Maegan  on  Thu Jan 20, 2005  at  01:16 PM
Wow, I go on vacation a few weeks and when i get back everyone is fighting. First of all, I've definitely noticed that people are ALWAYS giving meagan a hard time. Come on guys, give her a break for once. She's always got good input and it's not like anything she's ever said has been that fantastical.

Anyways, I first got internet about 13 years ago when I was 8 years old. I remember when AOL got their first chat rooms, though it must have been only a few years later. I use to talk on them all the time (it was before everyone was so worried about the dangers of chat rooms). I know I had lied before about my age if the other person said that they were older. No faking pictures then because no one had scanners to even upload pictures, but I wouldn't have put it past me when I was 10 years old. I think the letter is believable.
Posted by Razela  on  Sat Jan 22, 2005  at  11:17 PM
im excited to chat with you
Posted by shaunte  on  Mon Feb 20, 2006  at  01:38 PM
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