JumpSnap Ropeless Jump Rope

One year ago I posted about an inventor, Lester Clancy, who had filed a patent for a ropeless jump rope. I noted that a jump rope that lacked a rope seemed to defeat the purpose of a jump rope. You might as well just jump up and down holding a pair of dumbbells. But now a company has come out with a commercial version of a cordless jump rope. They're calling it the JumpSnap. They claim that it's the "world's first and only patent-pending computerized ropeless jump rope."

The inventor of the JumpSnap is Brad LaTour. It sounds like there might be a patent battle brewing between Clancy and LaTour. Who first invented the ropeless jump rope? The major difference between the two inventions seems to be that the JumpSnap sports a computer that makes a swishing noise as you swing it.

Again, I think it would be a lot easier (and cheaper) just to jump up and down with some weights.

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Posted on Mon Jun 04, 2007


Where also write about this patent?
Posted by Alfred  in  NY  on  Tue Jun 05, 2007  at  03:37 AM
hmmm... that sort of reminds me of people who chew stick bubble gum, and are compelled to place the empty foil wrapper back within the paper sleeve, and then again into the main outer pack. As to whether that is done to manage the paper and foil waste, or is intended as a ready offering to serial-gum-bummers, one can only surmise. I know I like the look of exasperation on the moocher's face when they open the empty paper and foil stick. Gets me every time, and I don't mind being the butt of a good chewing gum stick trick. Although, I can't chew gum and jump rope simultaneously, so the empty stick/ropeless jump combo might help. Thanks for the tip.
Posted by Hairy Houdini  on  Tue Jun 05, 2007  at  08:12 AM
That's hilarious. Brad LaTour became frustrated at "the constant interruption of tripping on the rope." Coordinated little inventor isn't he? I suppose if you become frustrated at constantly having to jump too, you can just sit on the couch and twirl this thing.
Posted by newton  in  Chicago  on  Tue Jun 05, 2007  at  09:10 AM
I am trying -- and failing -- to get my brain around this concept of jumping rope without the rope. I can see one actual advantage over really jumping rope in that you could presumably do this excercise anywhere there's room to twirl your wrists around and take itty-bitty jumps, so you wouldn't have to worry about accidentally wacking one's spouse or child or furniture or low ceiling with the rope. But other than that (and as has been pointed out, why not just jump around while holding a couple of weights), jeez-o-rama...

Jumping rope is BORing -- it's excellent exercise and hooray to those who can keep it up, but it's boringboringboringboringboring. How could it help but be even more boring if you didn't even have the slight mental exertion and coordination challenge of, you know, actually jumping over a rope? The tedium would be just about unbearable. Just thinking about it makes me feel sluggish and resentful and inclined to plop down in front of the TV with a giant bag of Oreos.

What would be the opposite of an "extreme sport"? A "minimal sport"?

Posted by Kathleen  on  Tue Jun 05, 2007  at  01:34 PM
It would be even easier to use my virtual rope less jump rope system. You imagine you are jumping up and down while twirling a rope around you. The advantage is that you can drink soda and eat chips at the same time!
Posted by Joe  on  Tue Jun 05, 2007  at  04:23 PM
They stole my idea. Actually, my idea was not a ropeless jump rope, it was a jumpless jump rope. It is a standard rope, with a "not for jumping" warning label.
Posted by wdk  in  honolulu  on  Fri Jun 08, 2007  at  05:35 PM
Very interesting though I found this site that says it does something similar - "Handles Only (Interchangeable and removable inner cord) Hand weights: Can mimic the jump rope workout so VIRTUALLY ANYONE can benefit. (Can be used as light hand weights for calisthenics, power walking, etc.)" http://www.ropesport.com/store/page2.html

I think Mr Clancy has a great invention and I'd love to see the product on stores at Target.
Posted by john  in  LA  on  Mon Jun 25, 2007  at  10:56 PM
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