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It’s all about the magnets!
Sixty-two-year-old Andrew Abolafia claims to have built a "Static Field Converter" that extracts hidden energy from magnets — thereby staying true to the general rule that free-energy inventions almost always involve magnets in some way.

Abolafia feels sure his invention will provide the solution to the world's need for energy, replacing our reliance on fossil fuels. But for some reason, the scientific community hasn't shown much interest. So Abolafia has been reduced to demonstrating his gizmo to local news reporters, hoping this will get the device the attention he believes it deserves. []

Free Energy
Posted by The Curator on Thu Sep 19, 2013

Looks like it's a bog-standard electromagnetic generator. 1 amp at 2 volts isn't a whole lot, and could easily be produced by a spinning generator without appreciable slowing in a short time.

The question then is he a self-deluded inventor, or a huckster out for donations/investors?
Posted by Robin Bobcat  in  Californian Wierdo  on  Thu Sep 19, 2013  at  02:48 PM
I'd like to know what the patents cover. I thought that perpetual motion machines were not covered by the Patent Office.
Posted by KDP  in  Madill, OK  on  Thu Sep 19, 2013  at  04:31 PM
The guy is seriously deluded. As Robin says, it's just a normal electric generator. A wire moved through the field of a permanent magnet will have a voltage induced in it. That's Electricity 101. He's using an electric motor to move the magnets. That's what generating the current he's measuring, not some previously unknown energy source. And I'll bet it's taking a lot more than 1 amp at 2 volts to do it.

The video doesn't say what the actual patent is for. My understanding is the U.S. patent office will not accept a patent application for a free energy machines unless it is accompanied by a working model. So he probably called it something else to get around this.
Posted by Captain Al  in  Vancouver Island, Canada  on  Sat Sep 21, 2013  at  06:31 PM
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