In Pittsburgh

I'm off to Pittsburgh to visit with family. I doubt I'll have computer access there. Be back Tuesday!


Posted on Thu Sep 29, 2005


Have a safe trip, Alex. And fun with the family, of course. 😊
Posted by Smerk  in  to mischief  on  Thu Sep 29, 2005  at  07:43 PM
Have fun Alex, enjoy your time away. 😊
Posted by Winona  in  USA  on  Thu Sep 29, 2005  at  08:41 PM
Gonna miss you pal, as I always do whenever you're not posting. I visit your site faithfully every day. I got your site site bookmarked in my favorites as a 'News' link, as it is one source of truth out there. My wife and I love your site as do my friends. Be safe and see you Tuesday.
Posted by Christopher  on  Fri Sep 30, 2005  at  05:20 AM
I'll look after the girls in here, no worries!!!!!
Get me a shot glass....You keep forgetting...
Posted by X  in  McKinney, TX  on  Fri Sep 30, 2005  at  06:58 AM
Wait. Is this a hoax? NOBODY willingly goes to Pittsburgh...
Posted by 8EΞ≡  on  Fri Sep 30, 2005  at  08:01 AM
Have fun, Alex.
Or rather, I hope you had fun*.

*Seeing as I assume you'll read these when you get back...

Posted by Boo  in  The Land of the Haggii...  on  Fri Sep 30, 2005  at  02:51 PM
Pittsburgh, I'm sorry.

(I grew up in Cleveland)
Posted by HFK  on  Fri Sep 30, 2005  at  08:11 PM
what a loser--who goes to pittsburgh?


HFK..pittsburghers rock more than clevelanders do, you are just in denial and totally jealous of us.
Posted by kelsey  on  Fri Sep 30, 2005  at  10:16 PM
woo hoo! tuesday today! my parents anniversary! have a good trip?
Posted by thunder  in  England  on  Tue Oct 04, 2005  at  10:37 AM
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