The Human Magnet

image Malaysian farmer Tan Kok Thai claims that he's a human magnet. Anything will stick to him including plastic bottles, bananas, biscuits, books, remote controls, knives, tubes of toothpaste, and rocks. The pictures of him showing off of his ability are quite amusing, especially this one of him with a giant boulder stuck to his chest. It looks to me as if he's leaning quite far back, which alone could explain why the objects aren't falling to the ground. Friction could explain the rest of this mysterious phenomenon. But those are the boring explanations. I'm sure Tan Kok Thai is having far more fun by chalking it up to his inner magnetism. (via The Anomalist)

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Posted on Mon Aug 16, 2004


A rock that size would be well over a hundred pounds, and probably over 200. Ergo, it seems unlikely to me that it's a real rock. The other photos don't look especially convincing, either.
Posted by Terry Austin  in  California  on  Mon Aug 16, 2004  at  05:19 PM
On a semi-related (well, actually, less than that) note, there have been instances of people receiving magnetic implants covered in silicon.
Posted by Mary  on  Mon Aug 16, 2004  at  05:44 PM
Anyone notice that he always has his hands up when he is doing this? It looks like he is holding the objects up with hard-to-see string/wire.
Posted by Tim  on  Mon Aug 16, 2004  at  07:06 PM
oh please...
Posted by Darren  on  Tue Aug 17, 2004  at  02:09 PM
It's called adhesive. Just ask any 'magnetic' person to perform the same feat while covered in talcum powder, and they will always make up an excuse.
Posted by Drunk Stepdad  on  Tue Aug 17, 2004  at  02:55 PM
i saw something like this on the discovery channel. some asian dude stuck an iron to his chest and it stayed. it was off.
Posted by john  in  NH  on  Tue Aug 17, 2004  at  08:29 PM
Mate this guy is freaky i just check him out he's 4 real my friend at USM is checking him out and it seem that... well ummm... wish i could say really.

Posted by Chris  in  Malaysia  on  Tue Aug 24, 2004  at  07:06 PM
HEY ASSHOLES. Good now that i have you undivided attention i should probably look this up somewhere else before calling it a hoax and letting the stupid gullible people believe you. Ive seen this on many other RELIABLE resources. and it is very real. his skin isnt magnetic, but it does posess suction cup type abilitys. Anyway to tim i say "NO WIRE" HAHAHAHA. and to Terry Austin the rock only weighs 85 pounds and if you tell me that's impossible to lift you are a little girly man. Oh and about that whole hes leaning backwards thing you try at like 4 DEGREES back and make it stick. dear stepdad you're an idiot. glue wouldnt hold. Darren... shut up. all of you are stupid except for john and mary. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA
Posted by cliffy the omnipresent mailman  in  Somewhere  on  Sun Sep 19, 2004  at  04:57 PM
Posted by CLIFFY AGAIN  on  Sun Sep 19, 2004  at  04:58 PM
What's Cliffy's deal? Even though it's real, the picture is bloody funny.
Posted by DRU  on  Thu Apr 07, 2005  at  02:34 AM
I apologize for not remembering where I came across this, but I think it was "live" TV footage. They said his family had the same ability, and it was an odd skin mutation that made it more sticky/friction...frictive? whatever. They explained it was not really anything magnetic.
Posted by Piet Van Allen  in  San Jose, CA  on  Mon Jan 23, 2006  at  02:57 AM
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