How Much is a Corpse Worth?

image Here's an email I received today. I don't think that what it describes is a hoax in any way, but it seemed weird enough to be worth posting. I blurred out the names on the attached picture (click to enlarge) at the request of the emailer.

I so love your website, that I sometimes think that I shall send you more stuff. Let me explain : I work in the head office of a psychiatric hospital, I am the personal assistant to the director which means I am the one opening all the mail. Few weeks ago I got this bill.
So I know this is in Franch, but I will translate it for you, you might find it interesting to know what will ahppen toyou if you give your body to science and how much you cost when you are dead.
As the description you can read "tronc huain non bisexué" which in english would translate to the top part of a human body that is not bisexual. Particulary poetic! It's just half of a human body ! It says the price next to it, after taxes and such. And it's getting worse. The bottom line it says there is a special offer with 5% off !
I though that in the serie of particular things, that may be interesting for you. We actually paid that bill too. :o)

What seems really weird to me is that these human-corpse retailers classify bodies by whether or not they're bisexual. What's the reason for that? Also, I think I can spot a hoax in the email. They obviously didn't take 5% off. I believe they took a full 50% off.


Posted on Sun Feb 06, 2005


Wow. That half-bisexual corpse was a good deal. Cadaver nother? Of corpse, I may.
Posted by Hairy Houdini  on  Sun Feb 06, 2005  at  07:02 PM
And why do they have to be half-bisexual? You'd think a whole bisexual was too much for them. Are the bodies French?
Posted by Hairy Houdini  on  Sun Feb 06, 2005  at  07:05 PM
Posted by Jay Sauerkraut  on  Mon Feb 07, 2005  at  03:12 AM
It seems you have to copy-paste the link
Posted by Guigue  on  Mon Feb 07, 2005  at  06:14 AM
Sorry, there was nothing in that link as to whether or not Elvis is still alive, so, obviously, it didn't answer ALL my questions. Nothing in there about how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie-Roll Pop. But that's okay, because I knew the answer already. THRRReee, according to Mr. Owl
Posted by Hairy Houdini  on  Mon Feb 07, 2005  at  07:23 AM
Since it's the top half of a body, I don't guess any sexual organs are attached.

What I want to know is, are "non-bisexual" cadavers more expensive, or cheaper, than the "bisexual" ones? If they're the same price, then a bisexual one might be a better deal, you know, two for the price of one and all... but either way, it seems like without the bottom half of the body, it just wouldn't be the same.
Posted by Big Gary C  on  Mon Feb 07, 2005  at  02:41 PM
Has Consumer Reports ever done a feature on how to get the best deal on a second-hand corpse?
Posted by Big Gary C  on  Mon Feb 07, 2005  at  02:44 PM
I didn't see anything to indicate the torso in question actually had to be formerly living. The description sounded to me like it might refer to a mannequin or such. That would more appropriately explain the cost as I believe the buying and selling of human tissue has been banned.

Yeah, my guess is that it's the bill of sale for a mannequin.
Posted by Michael  on  Tue Feb 08, 2005  at  07:35 AM
I need to add to my previous post.

If you go to the Pierron website and search for bisexual torso you will get exactly what that bill of sale indicates. It's a plastic model of a human torso for science classes. It's bisexual because it comes with interchangeable male and female sex organs.

Sorry, whoever sent you this invoice either didn't know what it was for or was pulling your leg.
Posted by Michael  on  Tue Feb 08, 2005  at  07:41 AM
I don't think you can buy a corpse online it is illegal. Bisexual means a partner likes males and females.
Posted by Dr. Neagle  on  Mon Jan 22, 2007  at  03:22 AM
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