How a fake Mary Todd Lincoln portrait was exposed

The Chicago Tribune tells the story of the detective work conducted by conservator Barry Bauman that led to his exposure of a portrait of Mary Todd Lincoln as a fraud. Lincoln (and, by association, his wife) is one of those historical figures who's like a magnet for hoaxes. Other hoax magnets would include George Washington and Hitler.

Anatomy of a fake Lincoln
Chicago Tribune

...The original portrait, painted perhaps in the mid-1860s, is of a still-anonymous woman. She wore a crucifix around her neck — Mary wasn't Catholic and never would have worn one, so it had been painted out — and had a floral brooch over which was painted the Lincoln brooch.


Posted on Wed Apr 18, 2012


True.. you always get the big names.. When was the last time you heard of a Taylor forgery.. or a Harrison? or even Taft?
Posted by Robin Bobcat  in  Californian Wierdo  on  Wed Apr 18, 2012  at  10:39 PM
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