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Horny Shark
Status: Undetermined
image has been posting more Scary Shark: Real or Not challenges. Their latest picture shows a "horny shark." Is it real or not? The answer will be revealed next week. I'm not sure about this one. The shark kind of looks like it's made out of paper mache, so I'm going to vote that it's fake.

image They also had a good challenge last week which I forgot to post about. To me the picture looked like a rag-doll shark, so I voted that it was fake. But I was wrong. Turns out that it's a photo of a real creature known as a cookie cutter shark. It lives in the depths of the ocean and only ventures to the surface at night to feed.

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Posted by The Curator on Mon Jul 17, 2006

For what it's worth I would have said they were both fake too.
Posted by thunder  in  England  on  Mon Jul 17, 2006  at  04:40 AM
Misleading title of the century. I saw it on my RSS feed on Livejournal and came over here.

Though I don't exactly know why I was interested in seeing a horny shark in the first place...
Posted by Dan  on  Mon Jul 17, 2006  at  07:08 AM
Fake, I'd say.
Posted by LaMa  in  Europe  on  Mon Jul 17, 2006  at  07:17 AM
It's a Goblin Shark and it's real.
Posted by alucard_lugosi  in  nh  on  Mon Jul 17, 2006  at  08:38 AM
I looked it up on wikipedia.
Posted by alucard_lugosi  in  nh  on  Mon Jul 17, 2006  at  08:47 AM
Posted by alucard_lugosi  in  nh  on  Mon Jul 17, 2006  at  08:48 AM
Yes, I'd say it's real, too.

These really bizarre sharks live in very deep ocean waters and therefore are not seen or caught very often.
Posted by Big Gary  in  Glen Ellyn, Illinois  on  Mon Jul 17, 2006  at  09:26 AM
What made me lean towards fake was that the last two challenges turned out to be real, so I thought they probably wouldn't do three real ones in a row.

Of course, I know that way of thinking is called the Gambler's Fallacy, or something like that (thinking that past results influence the outcome of present ones).
Posted by The Curator  in  San Diego  on  Mon Jul 17, 2006  at  11:14 AM
Yes Its real, Its a goblin shark.
Posted by Zach  in  Oklahoma  on  Mon Jul 17, 2006  at  11:27 AM
I think that one of the things that makes it look more real than fake are the teeth. If it were fake, the teeth would be straighter as it is difficult to for me to believe that someone would make the teeth that crooked on purpose. People tend to like straight teeth. That is my opinion on it.
Also, the little round scars you see on Sea Lions, sharks, dolphins, or whatever are from the cookie cutter sharks. They always leave a round mark/scar, hence their name.
Posted by thephrog  on  Mon Jul 17, 2006  at  11:46 AM
It is real. While the Picture itself might be fake, the shark is real.

It's called a goblin shark. If you google image search it, you can see many other pics.
Posted by rockerdudelive  on  Mon Jul 17, 2006  at  12:38 PM
The second one is a cookie-cutter shark, have a very similar picture in one of my shark manuals. Apparently the US navy had a problem with them stripping the rubber insulation from the antenna on submarines, not bad for a little blighter like that!
Posted by Mort  in  Just left of centre  on  Mon Jul 17, 2006  at  01:12 PM
Seems like the ocean has the most weird types of animal life. Or maybe it's just because us land dwellers are just used to seeing the animals up here.
Posted by Grain  in  Bay Area, CA  on  Mon Jul 17, 2006  at  05:07 PM
Yeah, Goblin sharks are creatures from... late cretacious? Weird things survive the sea... weird things...
Posted by Kasai  in  Canada  on  Tue Jul 18, 2006  at  06:24 PM
According to all my boy's shark books, goblin sharks are still living. Looking directly down or up at them, they seem normal (the horn blends into the rest of the snout). They just look like monsters in profile.
Posted by Mark  on  Wed Jul 19, 2006  at  01:11 PM
Um, where's the hoax? It's not even that unusual for a plane to need an exterminator.
Posted by Carl Fink  on  Wed Jul 19, 2006  at  09:37 PM
"... It's not even that unusual for a plane to need an exterminator."

For Goblin Sharks???
Posted by Big Gary  in  Earth  on  Thu Jul 20, 2006  at  12:53 AM
Sharks on a Plane

I'd pay a dollar to see that! LOL
Posted by Charybdis  in  Hell  on  Thu Jul 20, 2006  at  10:56 AM
doh, this is what i get for being offline the past week or so.

It's real, as everyone has already pointed out. The Goblin Shark is my favorite shark. I was absolutely thrilled to see it's picture here, lol.
Posted by MadCarlotta  on  Thu Jul 20, 2006  at  03:29 PM
Thanks for coming to check out the Horny Shark picture on Divester. As many of you noted, the picture is of a Goblin shark, a 100% real creature. This particular photo is of a dead Goblin shark that has been preserved. If you want to learn more about these weird fish, head over to the wrap-up post that explains more about them:
Posted by Willy  in  Florida  on  Sat Jul 22, 2006  at  10:50 AM
Yeah, that top one's definately a Goblin Shark, as I recognize from a good ol' eighth-grade science project (weird animals). XD I must be one of about ten people who were like- "Hey! A Goblin Shark!" When they saw that picture. Also, as a fun fact, many species of cookie-cutter sharks also glow in the dark
Posted by Agatha  in  Eau Claire  on  Tue Aug 29, 2006  at  10:49 PM
these is a goblin shark but its king of "amorfo" (strange) smile
Posted by yeya  in  venezuela, caracas  on  Fri Jan 26, 2007  at  03:47 PM
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