ads Need to make a little extra money? Would you be willing to slap an advertisement on your forehead and parade around all day displaying it? The management team at Headvertise.com is hoping that you would, especially if you're a college student. Headvertise seems to be the creation of some students at Johnson & Wales University, and I'm betting it's either a joke, or some kind of bizarre class project. But who knows! I have seen stupider business plans in my day. (Link via J-Walk).

Advertising Body Manipulation

Posted on Wed Jan 28, 2004


Not a hoax nor a silly class project, just two guys doing what they want, rather than working a silly retail job.

Justin Kapust
President, Promotions & Marketing
Kapust-Allen Enterprises LLC
Posted by Justin Kapust  on  Thu Jan 29, 2004  at  03:30 AM
that thing is just ripping off tadoos
Posted by jeremy  on  Thu Jan 29, 2004  at  08:46 AM
There is no way this isn't a hoax. Who'd want to put a sticker on there forehead, sure 100-200 dollars a week sounds good but what about tan lines and other effects of these stickers. It reminds me of the pepsi tattoo scam, what the H?
Posted by J  in  CO  on  Fri Jan 30, 2004  at  02:01 PM
as for tadoos, tadoos is a real hoax, we are a business, there is a difference.
Posted by justin kapust  on  Tue Feb 03, 2004  at  05:11 AM
I'm writting a dissertation on Body Advertising. I have found out that Headvertise Kapust-Allen Enterprises LLC has been sold to another company, but I don't know which. Do you know anything about it? I would like to contact them.
Posted by Claudia Collu  in  Italy  on  Thu Oct 26, 2006  at  12:04 PM
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