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Hanoi John, Part II
image Now that photo of Kerry with Jane Fonda that I talked about in the previous post may have been fake, but this new photo that has just surfaced is undoubtedly real. (via Eschaton)
Posted by The Curator on Tue Feb 17, 2004

Yep, one of those 'everyone in the office staring at the oddball laughing out loud' moments...
Posted by Paul  in  Prague  on  Thu Feb 19, 2004  at  11:54 AM
Me too, Paul.
Posted by Gee  on  Tue Mar 02, 2004  at  08:52 PM
Isn't that guy in the background the same guy in those pictures "taken right before the planes crashed into the Trade Center on 9/11"? Looks like him to me...
Posted by Emma  in  Illinois  on  Tue Nov 30, 2004  at  04:40 AM
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