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I just discovered a Gullibility Quiz at According to them, I am almost 100% non-gullible. That's a relief to hear. But I found the picture part of their quiz a bit confusing. For instance, they show you three pictures of flying saucers and ask you to select which one of them is real. So how do you select 'none of the above'? You can't. Therefore I just picked one at random. I still can't figure out which picture the non-gullible person would have chosen.

Mass Delusion

Posted on Thu Oct 07, 2004


HOORAY!! i got the same score Alex did on both tests!!!
Posted by john  in  NH  on  Thu Oct 07, 2004  at  08:22 PM
Are we supposed to trust a quiz that has this title? wink
Posted by Ariel  on  Thu Oct 07, 2004  at  08:56 PM
re the OJ Simpson question - is clicking 'guilty' ('I have confidence in the popular press to make and present to me a reasoned and detailed analysis of the case') more or less of a sign of gullibility than clicking 'not guilty' ('I have faith in the infallibility of the jury system')?
Posted by Paul in Prague  in  Czech Republic  on  Fri Oct 08, 2004  at  10:50 AM
Is it just me or is everyone getting 100% non-guliable i think the quiz is a hoax.
Posted by Hollow Man  on  Fri Oct 08, 2004  at  12:45 PM
I just tried answering randomly. Apparently you can be more or less gullible depending on the answers you choose. I think the real gullibility comes in believing that the results mean anything. tongue wink
Posted by AqueousBoy  on  Fri Oct 08, 2004  at  03:21 PM
For some reason, I just took the time to go through both tests to determine what the "correct" answers are. According to these guys, a non-gullible person would choose the first UFO. The most gullible person would choose the second one.

The most incredibly gullible person would be me for bothering to figure this out.
Posted by AqueousBoy  on  Fri Oct 08, 2004  at  03:42 PM
Umm...I took both tests & each time scored a "You are almost 100% non-gullible". I got a 16/27 on the picture quiz, and a 16/37 on the test quiz. But...there were only like 12 questions. Is the gullability actually whether or not you think the test can test your gullability.
Posted by Maegan  in  Tampa, FL, USA  on  Sun Oct 10, 2004  at  11:13 AM
Gullability is believing something at face value, without evidence of veracity. The site does not explain how the test is scored, or by what criteria the answers are judged. It only gives you an unqualified "certificate" of gullability or non-gullability. What does that tell you?

I suspect this is intentional. Many of the questions are obvious setups: "Do you believe in faeries? If you do..." (and you continue to play along, then you're gullible); "OFE reccieves more visitors per day than your local McDonalds!" (MY local McDonalds?). Someone's having a good laugh.

Leave gullibility tests to the gullible. Meanwhile, if your mother tells you she loves you...
Posted by JFB  on  Wed Oct 13, 2004  at  02:39 PM
Considering that it seems that everyone receives the same "almost 100% non-gullible" score, I'd say the joke's on us for wasting our time taking the stupid tests!
Posted by Glamcat  on  Wed Jan 26, 2005  at  08:06 PM
i just got a gullubile score of 3 but the website said im not gullible adn that it was a good score?????
umm.. yay
Posted by hot sexy blonde  on  Fri Mar 14, 2008  at  03:21 AM
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