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Gorilla Prank
Someone dressed in a gorilla suit has been jumping out from behind bushes and terrifying pensioners in Austria. At least, police assume it's someone in a gorilla suit, though I'm sure some would speculate that it could be a real creature. Commenting on the prank, one pensioner said, "It's really horrifying when a gorilla suddenly jumps out in front of you." Truer words were never spoken.

Posted by The Curator on Mon Aug 16, 2004

I dare you to repeat this prank in Texas!!! smile

I am just so curious how many bullets this person catch while running.
Posted by Alien  on  Tue Aug 17, 2004  at  10:56 AM
I am from austria and never heard about this story before.. so > PRANK
Posted by annia  in  austria  on  Mon Oct 11, 2004  at  09:50 AM
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