Google and Terri Schiavo

On March 22 Google altered their graphic (as they often do) to show water dripping out of the word 'Google' into a bowl. The rumor immediately started racing around that this was some kind of reference to the Terri Schiavo case. I don't quite follow the logic of the rumor. Did people think that Google was showing how water is dripping out of Schiavo as she dehydrates? I'm not sure. Anyway, it wasn't any kind of reference to Terri Schiavo. Google used the graphic to note that it was World Water Day.


Posted on Sat Mar 26, 2005


I'm wondering if these water people paid Google a hefty sum? I thought that was odd at the time...who in the world wakes up and says, "Golly, it's World Water Day today!"

Those people haven't got a very clear website, either. They do, however, link to some rather interesting stuff:

"Women and men both need water
Posted by Katherine  on  Sat Mar 26, 2005  at  01:21 AM
Ain't it great when people try and make the facts fit their theory instead of the other way around?

It would be like saying that Google's St Patty's Day "google" was trying to promote vegetarianism by showing leafy green things.

And google, as far as I've seen, will use any random excuse to change it's banner for a day. Unfortunately, they don't change it for every little thing, I think they should, as the logo gets rather boring. They also seem VERY random in that some major holidays have passed that they have missed.

Maybe it's just people at google being bored of seeing the same damned logo day in/day out.
Posted by Rod  in  the land of smarties.  on  Sat Mar 26, 2005  at  02:26 AM
I was told Google were showing strange little men in green on St Pat's day...
Posted by Smerk  in  to mischief  on  Sat Mar 26, 2005  at  02:30 AM
I don't specifically remember a leprechaun (read: alien), all I remember is the shamrocks.

And did you know that ice cubes were specifically designed to poke fun at Mrs. Schiavo? The way they just waste away if left alone...

It's true. I heard it from a friend of a friend of mine.

Posted by Rod  in  the land of smarties.  on  Sat Mar 26, 2005  at  02:43 AM
Some people just seem to WANT to be offended.
Posted by PlantPerson  on  Sat Mar 26, 2005  at  08:25 AM
And some people are just idiots 😊
Posted by Mark  on  Sat Mar 26, 2005  at  12:58 PM
Since we're talking about Terri Schiavo, I figured I'd throw out my tasteless take on this issue.

Posted by Brandon  on  Sat Mar 26, 2005  at  02:47 PM
Brandon, you're perverted, twisted and sick.

I like that in a person.
Posted by Rod  in  the land of smarties.  on  Sat Mar 26, 2005  at  03:03 PM
Thats so horrible and uncaring, I think i'm in love 😊
Posted by Zoe  on  Sat Mar 26, 2005  at  03:26 PM
I saw the logo...I even clicked it. It was indeed a link to a search about water. I have calenders with quirky little holidays...Grandparents Day, Best Friends Day, Secretary's Day (although, people DO celebrate this...).

I never thought it had anything to do with Terri Schiavo. (P.S. I am SO sick of hearing about her.)
Posted by Maegan  in  Tampa, FL - USA  on  Sun Mar 27, 2005  at  04:57 AM
...They don't have anything up for Easter yet.
Posted by Maegan  in  Tampa, FL - USA  on  Sun Mar 27, 2005  at  09:16 AM
It was my birthday as well as World Water Day! I'd never even heard of World Water Day before I put my cursor over the graphic to see what it was. Nice graphic, in fact, I saved me a copy.
Posted by Reynard Muldrake  on  Sun Mar 27, 2005  at  11:40 AM
I did a little search or, um, GOOGLE, and they have a list of their logos since the year 2000. Take a look:

Posted by Tom  on  Sun Mar 27, 2005  at  01:24 PM
Posted by Tom  on  Sun Mar 27, 2005  at  01:30 PM
I think I heard somewhere that those "Google Doodles" are designed by the wife or the girlfriend of one of the owners of Google. Or maybe I made that up.
Posted by Big Gary C  on  Sun Mar 27, 2005  at  02:35 PM
you made it up:)
check this link out to see who does the doodles
Posted by t k  on  Sun Mar 27, 2005  at  03:50 PM
...Appears they do some holidays every year, but then ignore other anniversaries & special dates for other years.
Posted by Maegan  in  Tampa, FL - USA  on  Mon Mar 28, 2005  at  09:08 AM

Some people are so stupid. I don't have any words to cover what I'm thinking right now...

I know im unfair, but as an europeean it seems like most americans think the US is the world and the rest of the planet is not... that makes people ignorant and stupid...

to my (and everyone elses) luck, this is the web, freedom of speech and stuff, so everyone is entitled to post stupid stuff.

(i know im unfair to 99.9% of the us people but still, anyone seeing my point here)
Posted by Christ0ph  on  Tue Mar 29, 2005  at  12:12 AM
One man in Florida was arrested for trying to hire a hitman to kill Michael Schiavo and the judge that ordered the tube removed. Another protestor tried to steal a gun so he could force his way into the hospice and bring Terri some water. He tried to rob a gun store with a box cutter.

Shows how smart these people are, huh? Trying to rob a gun store with a knife? The owner, of course, pulled a gun and the guy ran away, but was later arrested.

Probably the most jaw-dropping thing going on down there is that twenty-six people have been arrested for trying to barge in and give Terri water. SHE CAN'T SWALLOW, you retards! That's the whole reason she needed a feeding tube--her cerebral cortex has liquified, there's no brain in her head above her brain stem, it's just spinal fluid; that means she can't swallow. Totally incapable of voluntary movement. Putting water in her mouth would just drown her.

She doesn't have a brain, folks. She couldn't be "rehabilitated" any more than John Kennedy, post-assassination, could have been.
Posted by Barghest  on  Tue Mar 29, 2005  at  07:37 PM
Just a minor point.

The web doesn't have any freedom of speech, Christoph.


It's not the US of A-internet, despite what Al Gore would have us believe 😉
Posted by Insomniactress  on  Wed May 04, 2005  at  07:46 AM
The web does, however, allow freedom of speech (to an extent).
Posted by Boo  in  The Land of the Haggii...  on  Wed May 04, 2005  at  07:58 AM
IF it is the dripping water is an iv duh
Posted by different840  on  Mon Sep 04, 2006  at  06:22 PM
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