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Fake death and fake funeral
Faye Shilling is accused of not only buying life insurance policies for people who didn't exist, but also of holding fake funerals for their (fake) deaths. She would fill the casket with "various materials" to make it the right weight, then bury it. And then, because she was afraid authorities would somehow later find an empty casket, she would file fake documents to indicate the body had been exhumed and then file more fake documents to show it had been cremated. [Daily Breeze]
Posted by The Curator on Thu Apr 09, 2009

Query: After all the costs of the paperwork, burila plots, internement ceremonies, and so forth, how much of a profit could she possibly be making out of all this?

In my country, the costs are so high, a policy of $25 000 payout would barely cover costs and death duties; And the premiums on anything above that would be hundreds a year. Insurance companies in her country must be like slot machines - Low cost, big payouts.
Posted by D F Stuckey  in  Auckland New Zealand  on  Tue Apr 21, 2009  at  08:10 PM
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