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Deceptive Sign
I saw the following deceptive sign blogged about on LAist:


It seems to advertise a dozen roses for $4, but on closer inspection it's actually advertising a dozen roses for $10. A classic bait and switch scam.

I wrote about some similar advertising scams in Hippo Eats Dwarf. My favorites were the Cleveland Finance Loan Company which enticed those seeking a loan with this offer: "Pay nothing til first payment."

Dunkin Donuts offered: "Free 3 muffins when you buy 3 at the regular 1/2 dozen prize."

And a car dealership boasted: "The price you see is half the price you pay!" Think about it. It means everything on the lot was going for double the sticker price.
Posted by The Curator on Mon Sep 10, 2007

Looks like something you would read about at:
Posted by Captain Al  in  Vancouver Island, Canada  on  Mon Sep 10, 2007  at  02:44 PM
I wouldn't want to work behind the counter at that florist. I'll bet they have arguments with customers every five minutes all day long.
Posted by Cranky Media Guy  on  Mon Sep 10, 2007  at  09:42 PM
Yeah, that's going to result in some rather upset folks, and possibly a lawsuit or three...
Posted by Robin Bobcat  in  Californian Wierdo  on  Tue Sep 11, 2007  at  01:26 AM
"Bait and Switch"

Actually, it would be a case of "fine print" wouldn't it?
Posted by coit  on  Tue Sep 11, 2007  at  12:01 PM
LOL crazy media guy...working behind that counter you would have to be on the defence all day...well im sorry you feel that way but thats just what it is... over and over again...
Posted by Christine  in  Chilliwack  on  Thu Sep 13, 2007  at  04:44 PM
This month's Consumer Reports magazine reprints an ad for some service or other. The ad proclaims, "Only in the dictionary does 'success' come before 'preparation.'"

Not sure which dictionary they're using there.
Posted by Big Gary  in  Truth or Consequences, New Mexico  on  Fri Sep 14, 2007  at  05:49 PM
Read the sign closer, there is actually a 1/2 before the "dozen" in the sign.
Posted by computergod  on  Mon Dec 03, 2007  at  06:03 PM
Hmmmm. A little yellow paint and make the "." a "0". "I'm just helping your profit margin."
Posted by fishbait  on  Thu Aug 27, 2009  at  05:55 AM
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