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Das Keyboard
I'm pretty sure this isn't a hoax because it's possible to place an order for it. However, it still seems extremely odd to me. It's a keyboard marketed to 'ubergeeks' under the brand name 'Das Keyboard'. This is the part that gets me:

Das Keyboard is an enhanced 104-key USB PC keyboard equiped with 100% blank keys mounted on precision and individually weighted key switches... Since there is no key to look at when typing, your brain will quickly adapt and memorize the key positions and you will find yourself typing a lot faster with more accuracy in no time. It is amazing how slow typers almost double their speed and quick typers become blazing fast!

So it's basically a keyboard with all symbols removed from the keys. I can type over 100 wpm, and I don't normally look at the keys. But occasionally you need to. I would find it very annoying to never be able to look at them, and I find it hard to believe that anyone would want this as a feature.
Posted by The Curator on Thu May 26, 2005

Thank you, Chadds- your a geneus, my friend.
Posted by booch on Thu May 26, 2005 at 02:19 PM


Maybe you should call Chadds a genius.

if yoo wont too apoint yerself the spleling an grammer pollice yuo mite wnt to boockmark wwww.dictuniary.con
Posted by Noah Webster  in  History  on  Sun Jun 12, 2005  at  07:28 AM
"Thank you, Chadds- your a geneus, my friend."

Ha! So few words, yet so many errors! Don't need a GENIUS to point out that "you're" is spelled this way.
Posted by Dilshad  in  USA  on  Thu Aug 18, 2005  at  05:11 PM
I wanted one of these just because I thought it was super-l33t. Then I found out that it's actually a Key Tronics E03600QUSUSBC, minus the letters and plus about $55.

I'm gonna get one of those and paint it. I've also heard acetone will simply strip off the letters.
Posted by Dan  in  Bay Area CA  on  Fri Aug 26, 2005  at  03:24 AM
Way back in the dark ages of the 1960's, before computers and electric typewritters, we were taught to type on typewritters with nothing written on the keys. We knew we had the home keys, by the bump we could feel on the F and the J keys. I was never better than 45 WPM, but my sister could do 75 wpm on a manual typewriter with her eyes closed. So I don't see these keyboards are being to ridiculous.
Hey, I can't look at the keyboard while I'm looking at the screan anyway -- the keys are not in range of my bifocals.
Posted by Jude  on  Sun Sep 04, 2005  at  04:57 AM
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