Crying Child Photo Controversy

There's some controversy over the Daily Mirror's recent cover showing a crying child. The context implies it's a British child crying because of a lack of food, but (as blogger Dan Barker uncovered) it's actually an American child who was crying because she lost an earthworm.

Turns out it was a stock photo that the Daily Mirror acquired from Getty Images. But the Daily Mirror is defending itself. Its editor Lloyd Embley writes, "Imagine the stink if we'd used a pic of an actual child who had received food parcels." []


Posted on Wed Apr 16, 2014


Those complaints are rather hypocritical, given the large use of stock photography all over the press.

If the article had been about Paris, would the wankosphere have whined that they used a stock photo of the Eifel Tower, rather than go and snap a new one of their very own? No, of course not. So why complain now? Because of the chiiillddruuuun? Or because the tone of the article doesn't agree with the political hang-ups of Dan Wanker and his blogomates? What a load of hipster bull.
Posted by Richard Bos  in  The Netherlands  on  Thu Apr 17, 2014  at  04:57 AM