Motorcycle Trip Through Chernobyl

image A month or two ago a woman named Elena posted a travelogue on the web about her solitary motorcycle ride through the deserted area around Chernobyl. With all the eerie pictures she took of the abandoned, irradiated 'ghost town,' her travelogue quickly became one of the most linked-to sites on the net. Now there are accusations that her travelogue wasn't completely honest. Apparently she didn't go around alone on a motorcycle. She went in a car with her husband and a friend. Elena defends herself, admitting that much of her story was 'more poetry' than reality, but noting that most of it was still reality. I'm inclined to side with her. The pictures of Chernobyl, and what it's become, were real. How much does it really matter that she made them more interesting by wrapping them in a tale about a solitary motorcycle ride? (via

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Posted on Fri May 21, 2004


I was wondering if Elena would allow someone to ride with her and be able to prove that she made the ride. She and I could bring a tent and spend the night.
Posted by Joe Bassett  in  Maryland  on  Wed Jun 03, 2009  at  07:56 AM
It shows us we should do away with nuclear power. If something fails it can destroy a whole country. There is no way to go there and clean up that mess. Soon some are going to ahve to go there and make another dome. Of course they will all die inside of a couple years. Maybe this time we send Jews, since they started the wars and since they don't do things like that. Yeah a bunch of Jews making a new dome knowing they will die soon. No, they know the goyim will do it for them.
Posted by Bill Sinclair  on  Mon Jul 12, 2010  at  06:11 AM
To all those people discrediting Elena Filatova, you need to do more investigating. There is a photo of the bike, its on the right hand side of the photo. Someone was with her, they took a photo of her taking a photo in where I belive was Pripyat. Also, to Sercan in Turkey, You may be right. Your tour guide may have told the truth. She has been there several times. She openly states that she didn't always take the bike. She got it after she began touring. I am on her side through this, she has given plenty of evidence, to back her claim. Where is Mary Mycio's? Actual proof, not hearsay. go to and see for yourself. what I am saying is all there.
Posted by Zac  in  Oklahoma USA  on  Mon Jul 12, 2010  at  03:20 PM
I have to say I know what happened with the bike. If you look at back tire you will notice there is very little dirt on the tire. I believe Elena had bike in truck and they took it out and rolled it on the side of the road to make it look like she had ridden it. The weight of the rider would have put dirt over most of the tire. I am going with photo and ask the person guarding the gate if this is the case. I will have that info in a few weeks.
I believe Elena is a sneaky little Russian. We have people in America who are afraid to ride bikes, but they say they ride bikes. Elena might suffer from this. But Ve have vays of dealing vith her.
I would think it would be silly to go by yourself. What if you were walking through there and you hit your head and knocked out for say an hour with 600 rad. You would wake up very sick.
Posted by Bill Sinclair  in  Cambridge Md.  on  Mon Jul 12, 2010  at  05:10 PM
You make some intresting points, Bill. I am a rider, and depending on the pressure you are running in the tire it will pick up more or less. Also, they possibly spray those roads often, so that they are free of the radioactive dust, and for visibility. Sure, you do have a valid point about the safety concerns about riding alone. Though if thats what she chooses....
Who knows where that photo was taken, she might wipe it clean every now and then. She claims it was her pride. Also, would you let radiated dust build on a bike you have to lay upon to ride?
You may want to ask all shifts at the entrance gate, both of them, becuase there are two.
Not to sound rude, but whats up with the "v"s about 3/4 down. Also, what do you mean by ways of dealing with her?
Posted by Zac  in  Oklahoma USA  on  Mon Jul 12, 2010  at  10:28 PM
I would also tell Elena she must strip down and we must shower and bath together. I would have to be the one to wash her body. Paying specific attention to the genitals.
Posted by Doug Eberspacher  in  Cambridge Md.  on  Thu Sep 09, 2010  at  01:25 PM
If Elena lied to inform us no big deal. If Elena lied to do something bad, then maybe Elena should be punished. I say I will punish her. I say she should be naked and I spank her bare bottom.
I say we should sabotage the nuclear power plants. If a nuclear power plant were to burn and destroy an American city or maybe in France there would be a hueg outcry.

But if that plant had a melt down in March instead of April and that cloud blew over Kiev. Could you imagine Kiev with nobody living there? That's what would have happened. It's not worth it. If you work at a nuclear power plant don't ever get pissed and cut off the water to the fuel rods. Because that would mean trouble.
Posted by Bill Sinclair  in  Baltimore  on  Sun Sep 12, 2010  at  01:50 PM
That wouldn't be a bad idea buying the land destroy by chernobyl. I mean someone could buy the land and somehow clean up many large sections of the land and make a killing.
Posted by George Matthews  in  Baltimore  on  Sun Sep 12, 2010  at  01:52 PM
Elena, has told us of one more crime committed by the Jews. Nuclear fusion is not needed. Now that it has been created the Jews rule the Middle East through fear and intimidation. Now we can't get rid of it. We can't get rid of the nuclear waste they are dumping in the ocean, either.
Posted by Bill Sinclair  on  Fri Oct 08, 2010  at  05:50 AM
I had been shown the link to Lena's site a few years ago, had read the story or comments. I had not really given much thought to whether someone on a motorcycle would be allowed in certain areas. All in all, she got the word out to the whole world. Plain and simple. Perhaps it was not quite right or legitimate. The end result hopefully is that people will pay attention, and learn from it. Or go and research what she wrote, in order to find out truth for themselves.
Posted by jerry  in  oregon, usa  on  Thu Dec 02, 2010  at  09:08 PM
The whole thing proves that all nuclear power plants and nuclear weapons should be destroyed. You have land 300 miles across that will not be habitable for at least 500 years. If that stuff gets into the ground water it will destroy Europe. We have the sun and without the other means of obtaining electricity if we just harnessed the power of the Sun we could cut oil consumption by 3/4. It's the oil companies stopping this.
Posted by Doug Eberspacher  in  Cambridge Md.  on  Fri Dec 03, 2010  at  06:22 AM
I followed this story long ago and could care less if the motorcycle ride aspect is an extrapolation or not. The images are legit enough and well worth the time to scroll through and absorb.
Posted by Art Object  in  Texas  on  Mon Jan 28, 2013  at  04:08 PM
There is no doubt the place is a no go zone for a thousand years. This is why we should destroy these nuke plants and we would have a mexx that will take 100 years to clean up. The cost of clean up will exceed the billions the elite made.

IF we grow hemp we can get rid of the nuclear power plants. Hemp a renewable resource that will replace all forms of power. Now matter if it's oil, coal or nuclear all any of them do is heat water to make steam to turn turbines with coils of wire to produce electricity. Any thing that will burn will do this. So why use something so dangerous as nuclear power. THe truth be known they will keep nuclear power plants so they can prodcue plutonium for nuclear bombs. Bombs they have tested all over the world hundreds and hundreds of time and each time they do they put out more radiation and the truth be known this has caused 90% of the cancer cases. When the people of the USA start slaughtering these politicians we can start to correct the garbage they have done to the world.
Posted by Bill Frampton  in  Federalsburger md  on  Tue Jan 29, 2013  at  03:43 AM
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