Catching Sunglasses

Here's a youtube video of a guy who catches sunglasses on his face. The sunglasses are dropped from a house, from a bridge, and thrown at him as he passes by in a car. Yeah, it's obviously fake. But it's kind of amusing.


Posted on Wed May 09, 2007


Written in the dust on the car window are the words "Never Hide". This is the new slogan for Rayban sunglasses. There are posters all over NY with those words.
Posted by Robert  in  NYC  on  Wed May 09, 2007  at  08:16 AM
Ah advertising, snuck into anything and everything nowadays. What's next, the manufacturer's name on the military's helmets like on the NFL helments? Maybe people will start walking around wearing tee shirts with advertising printed on them. People might even sell their body spaces for advertising. Oh, wait, that's already happening. Ah well, at least it provides jobs to lots of people.
Posted by Christopher Cole  in  Tucson, AZ  on  Wed May 09, 2007  at  02:31 PM
Just watched it with no sound... they look so smug about it... I like it though, it's pretty funny
Posted by Owen  on  Thu May 10, 2007  at  02:24 AM
I'm wondering how they did it - some of it seems like simply reversing footage of removing the sunglasses, but there's a lot of complex shots.
Posted by iflurry  on  Fri May 11, 2007  at  01:38 AM
My take on it:
Posted by Tom  in  Orange, CA  on  Sat Jun 02, 2007  at  10:39 AM
Actually, the term "Never Hide" is in all of their videos. It's also their username on But these guys aren't from RayBan; they're independent film makers who've posted their own videos on YouTube and Revver. Their vids are quite good.

But yes, it does have a connection to RayBan's "Never Hide" campaign...

"Five up-and-coming independent film directors will have films in which Ran-Bans play a role seeded on Internet sites such as, and

The words
Posted by Aaron Cook dot Com  on  Tue Jul 17, 2007  at  06:52 PM
What we fail to see are all the takes where the glasses miss or stab the poor fellow in the eyes.
Posted by Shanya Almafeta  in  Radford University  on  Sat Aug 25, 2007  at  06:58 PM
That's not true, definitely. You can notice shot changes, not real time recording. Found a proof here
Posted by Zanim  on  Tue Feb 19, 2008  at  03:51 PM
This is definitely a hoax but I am very entertained with this one!Great video!
Posted by Persol Sunglasses  in  manila  on  Sun Feb 14, 2010  at  10:26 AM
I like the skateboard 'trick' LOL. Very entertaining, and clever
Posted by John Clark  in  UK  on  Fri Aug 27, 2010  at  03:18 PM
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