Burmese Mountain Dogs

Burmese Mountain Dog: A page (also from the creators of the Mankato, Minnesota page) with some info about a rare breed of dog known as the Burmese Mountain Dog. You can examine this a long time and potentially not realize the joke, which is that the actual breed is the Bernese Mountain Dog (it comes from Berne, Switzerland). I guess a lot of people say Burmese instead of Bernese.

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Posted on Wed Sep 24, 2003


This hoax web-site was taken as real by a reporter (boy was he dupped!!) and in reporting a story gave this web-site as a reference. It is titeled "Colorado landslide kills Tigas owner" from the associated press on April 17, 2004. It was probably not a Burmese (which does not excist, but a Burnese MOuntain dog from the Berner Oberland of Switzerlnad.
Posted by linda weiss  in  idaho usa  on  Mon Apr 19, 2004  at  12:46 PM
This is such a hoot. People either call my Bernese Mountain Dog a "Burmese" Mountain Dog and can't understand when I try to explain about Bern, Switzerland, or they think it is a Saint Bernard. I love the picture of the Burmese Mountain Dog on the hoax page--it's not even close to the real Bernese Mountain Dog!!!

It should be noted that USA Today made the same stupid mistake when it published pictures from the Westminster Dig Show in February. They labelled the picture of a Berner as a "Burmese Mountain Dog." I sent a correcting e-mail to the editor but never got a response. Typical.
Posted by Mary Ann Hendryson  on  Mon Apr 19, 2004  at  07:03 PM
Mary Ann, typos happen don't they? N & M are awful close...kind of like O & I. Maybe USA today isn't stupid.
Posted by Wilhelmina  in  Missouri, US  on  Mon Feb 27, 2006  at  10:52 PM
Understandably, the mix-up probably orginates in the auditory processes (why just last night i asked my neighbour about what kind of dog he has; he said a burmese); and is quite understandable. however, if you are a newspaper reporter you ought to double check and do research because of the very slippery nature of auditory sounds. there is more than a difference between Bernese and Burmese. It is more than a muddle up of an "N" and an "M"; but also an "e" and an "u". And there are many levels of editing before a story is published in a newspaper.... all of this pointing towards a careless muddle up of the country. not just a silly spelling mistake.
Posted by huxley  in  nyc, ny  on  Wed May 31, 2006  at  10:40 AM
Of course, now there seems to be a Dutch-published book on the care of Burmese Mountain Dogs: http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/9036609615/qid=1151061520/202-5053112-0655008
Posted by Pellegrina  in  UK  on  Fri Jun 23, 2006  at  05:22 AM
Ther is a Burmese Mountain dog AND a Bernese Mountain dog. They are two different, often mixed up breeds, however both are in fact real and true breeds of dogs. They're just confused with each other to the point where it may seem that one isn't real or that they're both the same breed.
Posted by Mike Carpenter  on  Sat Sep 09, 2006  at  02:38 PM
There is in fact two breeds - one from Bern in Switzerland and one from Burma in south-east asia. The Burmese is very large and shaggy and black white and brown while the Bernese is short-haired and has a black v shape on its chest.

Both seem to be lovely dogs for those with patience, discipline and and active lifestyle!
Posted by Bec  on  Fri Sep 29, 2006  at  03:17 AM
I would like all the information on Burmese Mountain dogs. I'd like to find out all that I can, in order to aquaint myself with the breed. Thank you
Posted by Virginia Reis  in  Unity, Wi. 54488  on  Mon Dec 18, 2006  at  03:14 PM
It looks like the http://www.burmesemountaindog.org/ site is a hoax. I hadn't noticed the reference to the dog being 50 feet into the tree, or I would have gotten a bit suspicious.
There is also another site, http://descy.50megs.com/akcj3/bmd.html that shows a completely different dog also identified as Burmese, but describes the color as brown with black patches, as shown in the photos on that site.
Then I noticed that both sites, the one with the black and white and brown ("don't shoot it down") "Burmese" and the "Burmese" that is brown with a black V on its chest, are suspiciously done in exactly the same typeface in the same size...busted!
Sure seems a silly thing to do a hoax about, but it's pretty well done. I want this guy on my team the next time we play "dictionary
The WKC doesn't even list a "Burmese", only a "Bernese".
What started this search was a conversation about my own dog, Rocket, who looks EXACTLY like the dog on the ".org" site. As far as I can tell, he is a Bernese/black Lab mix.
Mike Space
Posted by Mike Space  in  Lehigh Valley, PA  on  Sat Jan 20, 2007  at  12:27 PM
I bought a dog and I am getting a little confused on what the difference is. My baby (who's name is Boone) has a fully white chest and brown eyebrow markings. I don't really care what he is, but I'm starting to feel confused by all of this. I was thinking about breeding him, because his personality and learning ability is great, but I want to make sure I know exactly what he is. Someone please inform me.
Posted by krissy  in  bolingbrook Illinois  on  Fri Jan 18, 2008  at  06:51 PM
krissy: Don't breed or buy while homeless pets die!
Posted by Mike Carpenter  on  Sat Jan 19, 2008  at  12:13 PM
Hey Krissy, I agree with Mike. Rocket, my "Burmese" (see explanation above) was on his way to the shelter when we took him in. Several years later we found an abandoned puppy who turned out to be a purebred English setter about 5 months old. As far as we can guess from the circumstances, Luna must have been a puppy mill dog that didn't sell in time for Christmas and was left by the roadside. She's an absolute delight, and really smart. There are lots of great, intelligent dogs out there who need good homes, and believe me, they know what they have been saved from and they are grateful. The only reason to breed a dog is if you have one with papers and there is a market for that particular breed, and even then, that's a pretty lame reason when what you really want is a pet. Look what happened to Luna.
Mike Space
Posted by Mike Space  in  Lehigh Valley, PA  on  Sat Jan 19, 2008  at  12:31 PM
I put up the Burmese Mountain Dog dot org site about "Asia's famed skunk hunter" because people are constantly mispronouncing the true name of my pup's breed, Bernese Mountain Dog. How anyone could think that a dog with a heavy coat like this could ever make it in the tropics like Myanmar never ceases to amaze me. It further amazes me that some people still insist there is such a thing as a Burmese. The other site mentioned here is a goof too. We're just having some fun.
Posted by Andy Miller  on  Sat Jun 21, 2008  at  11:00 PM
Andy, thanks for "coming out", as it were. That's a great website, and it made me go out and research the real BM dog Did you also do the other one, with the brown dog with the markings on its chest?
I found out that my dog, the one that looks EXACTLY like the one on the "50 foot up in a tree" site, is apparently Swiss Mountain dog (similar markings, shorter hair), with a few Labrador genes here and there.
Keep up the good work, and watch out for the arboreal skunks. I've seen a very few around here, and Rocket goes nuts when he sees one.
Posted by Mike Space  on  Sun Jun 22, 2008  at  07:32 AM
I didn't do the other one, though Don falsely accused me of copying his site, as though he's the only one that ever had an original thought.

Academics are far more political and competitive than than acknowledged politicians. Someone was once asked about this aspect of academics, why they are so political, and the answer was given, "because there is so little at stake." I always enjoyed that.
Posted by Andy Miller  on  Sun Jun 22, 2008  at  10:46 AM
I came from Burma. When I was growing up, we had what you called "Burmese Mountain Dogs". My neighbors have some also. And contrary to someone above who seems to think that all of Burma is "Tropic" (ie.. hot and humid), northern/north-eastern part of Burma - which is mountainous - is cool and in fact got down-right cold (<20' F) during "Cold" season (Nov. - Jan ). Those dogs in fact look like German Shephards - but a bit smaller. The female ones are much more friendlier and more even tempered. The males can be suspicious so you need more patient with them. I've never seen them climbing trees though.
Posted by Soe Naing  in  Ohio  on  Sat Jul 11, 2009  at  09:32 PM
I don't know the name of breed though. For me, they are all dogs - and I like all types dogs.
Posted by Soe Naing  in  Ohio  on  Sat Jul 11, 2009  at  09:35 PM
the knuckle head who doesnt realize that
In fact, they are two separate breeds probably
doesnt know which one he has.
now thats funny and the real hoax is he is
dummer then his dog. you would think that
someone posting on the internet would know
How To also research on it.
This has to be one of the stupidest posts I have
ever seen.
Posted by Andy  in  Pennsylvania  on  Mon Jul 26, 2010  at  09:50 PM
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