Boy With 12 Fingers (and 13 Toes)

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The photos of his hands and feet look like they were photoshopped to add an extra digit (kind of like this ad), but they weren't. Devender Harne was born with twelve fingers and thirteen toes. That seems like it would be pretty useful. It certainly helps him type faster. It may also earn him a place in the Guinness Book of World Records. (via J-Walk)

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Posted on Thu Oct 06, 2005


doctors may tell you its a birth defect to have extra fingers and toes but think about it doctors arnt always right it does in fact come from a parents blood line by my research and the fact i pay attention there are actually 2 reasons reason one! it could be the fact when you or your parent was preg. with you there is a chance that here body was trying to pruduce another child as well as the one born with the extras. now reason two DO NOT FREAK! look into it there is a town in the state of kentucky where every one has extra digits because the mother and father of the child is related bother sister first cousins 2nd cousins even relations where they could have been eachothers 16th cousin point is there is a relation between them but does NOT mean that you have extras because of your relations like this im still studying it so there may be another reason! but thats all i have right now what got me to research is because my best friendd has 12 fingers and 15 toes and she wanted to know!
Posted by no one  in  somwhere  on  Wed Feb 24, 2010  at  08:38 PM
Hi I'm writting because I have 12 fingers and 11 toes and my husband also has 12 fingers and my daughter as well. I love being different but there has been a pain goig down the side of my hand where it got removed and it kind of goes down til about my wrist. Is this normal? I have experianced a pain when I bump it but never just from nothing, and it only happens in one hand! If any one knows why please let me know.thank you.
Posted by nisha williams  on  Sat Mar 13, 2010  at  12:39 AM
Nisha - I totally understand that pain. I get it to whether I bump the scars on the sides of my hands. It is a kind of lightening tingling pain that shoots up your arm - kind of a like a funny bone kind of pain, right? You are not alone! smile
Posted by Kym  in  California  on  Sat Mar 13, 2010  at  08:43 AM
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