Body Modification Hoaxes

Dr. Zizlesse offers a revolutionary alternative for overweight women who can't lose those extra pounds: nipple surgery. I'll let you discover on your own why nipple surgery can solve women's weight problems, but I have to say that there's definitely a strange, twisted logic to what he suggests. I'm also sure it's a hoax. Note that near the bottom of the intro page Dr. Zizlesse asks 'Are you gullible?' (may not be safe for work because of the background image, though it took me ages before I actually noticed what was in the background).

This next site also involves strange forms of body modification. At Adding and Subtracting we meet two identical twins, Ryan and Dave, who like to swap body parts. Dave supposedly had his right arm amputated and then surgically attached to Ryan's chest. This is actually an April Fool's Day joke that's been around for a while (look at the date at the bottom of the article). Mara, who also sent me the picture of Munchkin the Cat, reminded me of it.

Body Manipulation

Posted on Fri Sep 12, 2003


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