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What Badgers Eat
image In case you were confused, here's what you need to know about what badgers eat. According to Jeff, who sent me the link, the site derives from an episode of The Simpsons (one that I haven't seen). I guess you could also figure out the Simpsons connection from the logo at the bottom of the screen.
Posted by The Curator on Sun May 16, 2004

If you go to the link, it'll pretty much tell you what they really eat.
Posted by Bree  in  Paradise  on  Mon Jul 19, 2004  at  10:25 PM
...I'm trying to do homework, and that site isn't very informative -_-'
Posted by Caroline  on  Mon Feb 20, 2006  at  02:01 AM
this site really isn't 4 h/w
Posted by vurb  on  Sat Apr 15, 2006  at  04:45 PM
what do badgers eat for ma homework
Posted by Connie  in  Troon  on  Mon Mar 05, 2007  at  12:05 PM
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