August Vacation

Just a quick note to say that I haven't dropped off the face of the earth. Been busy finishing a bunch of projects before I start work on a new book. And now I'm on a two week vacation, driving through Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia. Here's a picture of me visiting the Otis Redding "sitting on the dock of the bay" statue in Macon, Georgia.

Posted on Mon Aug 17, 2009


"Haven't dropped off the face of the earth" huh? Suuure. We all know Robots can fly!!
Posted by Maegan  in  Tampa, FL - USA  on  Mon Aug 17, 2009  at  07:50 AM
You ever reported on "gravity hills"? These are places where it looks like you're going down hill, but you're really going up hill. Or the other way around. Not a hoax, but the stories that go with them are a little hoaxy. And they do have an element of spookiness to them. There's one near Laurinburg NC, just a few minutes off 74, that makes a fun vacation diversion.
Posted by Rodney G  on  Mon Aug 17, 2009  at  08:51 AM
That is not you. Your earlobes are different...
Posted by LaMa  in  Europe  on  Mon Aug 17, 2009  at  10:39 AM
whoa, that's weird. Why would Otis have an umbrella? Oh, wait, that's Alex. Honest mistake. Hey lttle thing lemme light your candle cuz mama I'm shore hard to handle, yes I ram.
Posted by Hairy Houdini  on  Mon Aug 17, 2009  at  12:05 PM
This is so obviously a photoshop! You're not really there.
Posted by Sakano  in  Ohio  on  Mon Aug 17, 2009  at  01:58 PM
But the Illuminati killed you!? OMG JESUS RETURNS!
Posted by Silvar  in  Philipines  on  Mon Aug 17, 2009  at  11:21 PM
I told you all the robot was okay! All we needed to do was reboot the CMOS.
Posted by daveprime  in  Deep in the sticks...*yay internet!!*  on  Tue Aug 18, 2009  at  11:55 AM
I see Jesus in the gap between Alex and Otis.......
Posted by Canadarm  on  Tue Aug 18, 2009  at  06:21 PM
If you squint real hard at that pic of Otis you can make out this pale ghostly figure to the right.

(Allright, that's pretty lame :sick: , I was put off by the advert in the prior comment for swivel chairs!?)
Posted by Joel B1  in  Hobart, Tasmania  on  Wed Aug 19, 2009  at  01:49 AM
Have a great vacation. If you are swinging through Durham I'll buy you a drink.
Posted by partgypsy  on  Wed Aug 19, 2009  at  06:48 PM
I always knew Alex was a Forex robot on autopilot but finally I have my proof. Thanks Parit!
Posted by floormaster squeeze  on  Sat Aug 29, 2009  at  01:19 PM
*makes Floormaster Squeeze's post sound kinda odd*

Posted by Smerk  in  to mischief  on  Sat Aug 29, 2009  at  11:42 PM
Further proof of a cover-up!
Posted by floormaster squeeze  on  Sun Aug 30, 2009  at  08:14 AM
hi alex,

would you mind if I use some of your hoaxes for our school paper? I plan to use it for our brain teaser section and will be titled "fact or hoax- how clever are you?"

many of my schoolmates don't know what is a hoax..
Posted by topesalas  on  Tue Sep 01, 2009  at  04:04 AM
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