Mysterious Ghost Boy in Photo

A few days ago The Sun posted this article:

THIS spooky image of an unknown boy gave Angie D'Arcy the shivers when she had her photos developed. She took the picture in 2003 in Evercreech, Somerset, but only just got round to having the disposable camera film printed. Angie, 40, of Shepton Mallet, cannot remember anyone being in the shot when she took the snap and said the figure, dressed in old-style country clothing, remained a mystery.
"I don't believe in ghosts but I just can't explain it," she said.
"It was among pictures of our old house. No one recognises the boy."
The child also appears on the negatives.

I can't tell if The Sun printed the picture as a joke, or if they're really so clueless that they didn't realize the mysterious "ghost boy" in the photo is Anakin Skywalker from Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. I'm leaning towards clueless.

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Posted on Tue Apr 15, 2008


When talking about The Sun
clueless is always a good guess.
Posted by Sharruma  in  capable of finishing a coherent  on  Wed Apr 16, 2008  at  12:31 AM
Clueless like a fox!
Posted by Taed  on  Wed Apr 16, 2008  at  07:52 AM
No one saw Jesus?
Posted by KDP  on  Wed Apr 16, 2008  at  08:02 AM
If you want the exact image used, it is located here:
Posted by MW  on  Wed Apr 16, 2008  at  11:15 AM
Isnt JEDI a religion in England?? makes sense to me..
Posted by Crazygut  on  Wed Apr 16, 2008  at  11:24 AM
whoa... I'm impressed... I thot Alex was just kidding about the Anakin Skywalker thing, but MW's link proves it all... THAT, ladies and germs, is what the MOH should be for: The debunking of claims, and exposing of hoaxes. Well done, carry on. And, please, no more tangental excursions off the threads into areas irrelavant to the topic at hand, okay? I have a friend like that, who can't seem to focus on the subject of the discussion and veers off in every which way. He's also got this OCD thing that he has to collect all this crap he doesn't need, and will never use. He buys tools and leaves them wherever, can never find them, and them moans and wails about what happened to this and where the hell did I leave that. It's sad to watch, but that's nothing compared to my neighbor who has the part-time job up at the Thrift Shop... he built this garage and promptly filled it up with all sorts of this and that, and now he's 80 years old for God's sake. When he leaves this world it's going to take his family a month to wade thru the garage alone. Umm... Yeah, Anakin
Posted by Hairy Houdini  on  Wed Apr 16, 2008  at  03:35 PM
"No one saw Jesus?"
Posted by KDP in Madill, Oklahoma on Wed Apr 16, 2008 at 06:02 AM

I think He's in the barn, doing a carpentry project...
Posted by Christopher  on  Wed Apr 16, 2008  at  04:23 PM
I think I see Elvis in the background.

He's hiding behind the Virgin Mary. No, not the one near the UFO and Bigfoot. The other one.
Posted by Hugo  on  Wed Apr 16, 2008  at  04:42 PM
I think I see a gnome in there too, hes talking to the chupacabra...
Posted by Crazygut  on  Wed Apr 16, 2008  at  04:51 PM
Amen Hairy Houdini... Tangental excursions annoy me around here...
Posted by Puck  on  Wed Apr 16, 2008  at  05:06 PM
WHAT!!! Something Fake on Museum of Hoaxes?? Thats preposterous!! That Does it!! I am canceling my subscription!!!
Posted by Crazygut  on  Thu Apr 17, 2008  at  08:35 AM
Ooh, I do not like that Star Wars boy. He gave me the creepys. Even when he was flying with the big nose aliens and the rocket cars, I wanted the green lady to pull the wires under his dashboard, you know? Even the Jar Jar brain strangler was better than the whiny little Darth Vader boy. I am glad he grew up to be so bad, he deserves it, the scary weasel boy. Brrrr... Raoul has the chill Rrrraoul
Posted by Raoul  on  Thu Apr 17, 2008  at  11:56 PM
man, that is a creepy photo, isn't it... I've grazed past a couple times, and that kid's beady lttle eyes just barely peek over that fence or whatever that thing is... it's that positions of his hands, too... like some really selfconcious actor who doesn't know what to do with their hands, or like he's tired or sick... I think that's what makes it sorta resemble a "ghost"... kinda makes me wish some dweeb would post some really objectionable stuff here so Alex will be compelled to remove the whole thread... it's like sour milk, you know it's gonna smell, but you do it anyway, I just can't not look when I get to the main page... I once observed the incremental decomposition of a canine victim of a deadly encounter with vehicle unknown, who lay on the visible roadside on my primary route to work for a period of no less than two weeks.. after a week, my compatriotic passenger/coworker and I no longer viewed the drive to work as routine, but a true manifestation of our quest for truth, nature, and the disgusting spectacle of a one-leg-up dead Petey dog in advanced stages of putrifaction... We were severely dejected to discover that he was taken one night, leaving only a rusty colored stain on the shoulder to satisfy our curious curiousity. Oh, yeah. That kid is dead-dog creepy. Woof
Posted by Hairy Houdini  on  Fri Apr 18, 2008  at  02:34 AM
Let's assume that living beings have souls that can continue on beyond their death (dubious, but let's assume it anyway). Their clothing has no spirit that would live on, so shouldn't ghosts all be naked in the afterlife?
Posted by Bill  on  Sat Apr 19, 2008  at  08:31 PM
Looks like a camera trick or someting.. fake..
Posted by milla valkeasuo  on  Sun May 04, 2008  at  08:54 AM
wow....what a nice Photoshop post halloween pic! but i thought Anakin already grew up?
Posted by Paul Jones  on  Wed Nov 18, 2009  at  01:47 PM
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