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32-pound Cat
Status: Real
I love fat cat pictures, and here are some good ones, courtesy of Kieran Charette who reports that they were taken at a vets office in Vancouver. Apparently the cat is perfectly healthy. Just large. 32 pounds, to be exact. (Which makes him 8 pounds lighter than Sassy, aka Munchkin.) I don't see any reason why these pictures would be fake. (Although the datestamp on the pictures--09/01/2007--is obviously wrong.)

image image
image image
Posted by The Curator on Mon Jan 30, 2006

That cat is huge but these cats are even more special
Posted by StalkerB  on  Thu Feb 21, 2008  at  08:19 AM
A cat that fat can only be an American cat LOL
Posted by jjgfjfg kjnjkf  in  mD  on  Mon Oct 20, 2008  at  01:29 AM
I once had a 32# tabby. Looked just like the picture except he was a little less fat and more muscular, and more white and less orange.

I got very used to explaining, "No, HE is not pregnant."
Posted by Matt5613  in  Chicago  on  Fri Mar 13, 2009  at  03:50 PM
wow this cat is sooooo fat i want to fuck him he turns me on sooo bad grrrrrrrr
Posted by nikolas  in  samyg school  on  Tue May 19, 2009  at  08:46 AM
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