29 (lip-synced) celebrity impressions in one song

A video of musician Rob Cantor doing 29 Celebrity impressions in one song got over 7 millions views on youtube since July 1. But now Cantor has admitted that he was lip-syncing the impressions as a way to get people to listen to the song.

The process of creating the impressions that he lip-synced to turns out to have been quite elaborate, and he's released a new video showing how it all worked. And that video is also going viral. So this guy really knows how to use social media to his advantage! Thewrap.com has some more details.

When I posted this earlier on Facebook, there was a comment noting that one guy in Quebec called Andre-Philippe Gagnon used to do this legitimately as an act. He was known as the "Vocal Chameleon".


Posted on Thu Jul 10, 2014


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