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Spider-Filled Beanie Babies

The latest fake news story to be mistaken for reality comes from clickhole.com. It claims that Beanie Babies made in the 90s were actually filled with thousands of spider eggs, and that those eggs are now beginning to hatch "bursting through the seams of Beanies everywhere." Syracuse.com reports that the fake story has been shared on Facebook over 58,000 times. Unlike most fake news stories, which aren't funny at all, I can actually see an element of humor in this one.

Posted: Thu Nov 06, 2014.   Comments (1)

Make the bad music stop!

No, Bill Gates didn't offer a "young thug" $9 Million to stop making music. It's another fake news story. This time from Huzlers.com. [David Emery]

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Record Shattering Snowfall? — Scientists have not predicted a "record-shattering snowfall" this winter. The claim going viral (over 400,000 shares on Facebook) is just more garbage from one of those fake news sites. Debunked by The Vane.
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