Hoax Museum Blog: Crop Circles

Crop Circle — A radio station admits to being the creator of a crop circle.
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Crop Circles — Four teenagers confess to having made the crop circles that appeared in the Sacramento Valley a few weeks ago (the largest circles ever to appear in the US). But others think the teenagers are lying.
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Kew Garden Crop Circle — Strange crop circle mystery in London's Kew Gardens. A flower-shaped crop circle appeared in a field of wheat that had been specially grown there as part of an exhibit.
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Crop Circle Analysis — Simon Jeffery of The Guardian offers a comprehensive guide to the phenomenon of crop circles.
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Crop Circles: Quest for Truth — There's a new documentary movie out called "Crop Circles: Quest for Truth." It's got a pretty cool website. Apparently it argues that crop circles are the work of extraterrestrial beings of natural forces. But the San Francisco Chronicle reviews it and calls it a "credulous bore."
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Crop Circle Prank — A crop circle appears in a field in Eaton County, Michigan. Due to its similarity to the crop circles in Signs, authorities dismiss it as a prank.
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History of Crop Circles — The Christian Science Monitor offers a brief history of the Crop Circle phenomenon, while also noting that SIGNS grossed $60 million in its first weekend at the box office.
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Signs Renews Interest — The LA Times reports that the upcoming movie Signs is renewing interest in crop circles.
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Signs, Crop Circles — Daily Variety gave Shyamalan's new film Signs a mediocre review. I loved The Sixth Sense, but found Unbreakable disappointing. So I'm not expecting much from his new one.
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Naperville Crop Circle — Large crop circle found in a field of soybeans outside of Naperville, Illinois. Is it real, or a publicity stunt in anticipation of the release of the movie 'Signs' on August 2?
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Crop Circle Movie — Wired has an article today about crop circles, in anticipation of M. Night Shyamalan's movie Signs coming out next month.
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Crop Circle — Very cool new crop circle found near Stonehenge.
Posted: Fri Jul 12, 2002.   Comments (0)

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