The Maury Island Incident

Harold Dahl claimed that on June 21, 1947 he saw six "donut-shaped" discs flying above him while he was on a boat in Puget Sound. One of the discs ejected bits of molten metal, which (so Dahl said) killed his dog and burnt the arm of his son. Dahl also said that he was later visited by a man in a dark suit who warned him not to talk further about the incident. This was the first report of a "man in black". Air Force investigators identified the metal as scrap metal from a factory, and Dahl confessed that his report had been a joke that spun out of control. [wikipedia,]


and in 2018, this is one example being discussed as a true event, in history channel's new series "project blue book declassified".

thanks for helping spread the ignorance.
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