The Pumpkin Spice Condom

A picture of a "pumpkin spice" condom supposedly soon-to-be offered by Durex went viral, accompanied by the tagline "Because safe sex is important, no matter what season it is." Given that Durex has a line of "Taste Me" condoms that come in the flavors banana, strawberry, orange and apple, a pumpkin spice flavor didn't seem all that ridiculous. But Durex soon threw cold water on people's hopes by tweeting, "We've heard talk that we launched a Pumpkin Spice condom. We can't claim this one, but we do love it when people spice it up in the bedroom." The faux pumpkin spice condom turned out to be the work of web developer Cosmo Catalono who created the image as a joke, in response to an online conversation about the proliferation of pumpkin-spiced products. He didn't intend people to think it was real, but when the image went viral it took on a life of its own.


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