Hoaxes Throughout History
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In September 1950, police in Miami, Florida accidentally discovered a crime ring that had been stealing thousands of dollars from the local phone company for years. The thieves were young women, employed in the counting room of the Southern Bell Telephone Company, who were smuggling money out of the building by hiding coin rolls in their bras. The combination of attractive young women, lingerie, and money proved irresistible to the media, and the exploits of the "brassiere brigade" made headlines across the nation. The case took an unusual turn when prosecutors realized that, despite the women having made verbal confessions, they couldn't be charged with a crime because the phone company couldn't specify how much money, if any, had been stolen. So for a while it seemed as if the women were going to get away with it. However, an accountant was eventually able to establish "definite shortages during definite month's" in the phone company's accounts, and on the basis of this the women were convicted on a charge of grand larceny. More…