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The Rich People’s Liberation Front -- April Fool's Day, 1991
A group calling itself the Rich People's Liberation Front held a rally in front of the State House in Boston. The group hailed the "Brahminwealth of Massachusetts," and chanted slogans such as, "Who needs day care—hire an au pair," and "the rich. . . united. . . have never been defeated." The group was supposedly rallying in support of Governor Weld's decision to veto a cut in Cabinet salaries as well as his decision to repeal a tax on services and cut local aid and social programs. One activist, who identified himself as Thurston Morton Beechcraft Collingsworth IV said he supported Weld because Weld was "doing everything he can to make sure it's us, the really rich, who get the tax breaks."

April Fool Categories: Social Commentary, United States, 1991.
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