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The Lumistron    (April Fool's Day - 1957)

Radio-Electronics published its annual April Fool article in which its staff writer, Mohammed Ulysses Fips, revealed his invention of an "electronoptic transistor" or "Lumistron." This device used a glass transistor to convert radio waves into light waves at an exceptionally high efficiency. What this meant is that when the Lumistron detected radio waves it lit up. But it did so without needing any batteries. Fips explained:

"What use will they have? As pocket flashlights that have neither battery nor incandescent bulb and cost nothing to operate if there is a powerful shf transmitter in the vicinity. The Lumistron has no switch — it works all the time. As it gives off no heat, you can keep it in your pocket. Thus you always have a light with you. The Lumistron makes a perfect night light, too."

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