Undetermined Status

November 2008
Kim Jong-Il’s Shadow
Western media questioned whether this image of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il had been doctored, but it appears not to have been.
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Taken Aug 18, 2006. Published June 2008
M.C. Escher Golf
A surreal effect of impossible geometry may have been caused by the use of a telephoto lens to take this picture.
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Hercules, the World’s Biggest Dog
The massive dog in this photo is not named Hercules. It hasn't been deemed World's Biggest Dog by Guinness World Records. Nor is it an English Mastiff. However, all this incorrect info often circulates with the image. The identity and owner of the dog remains unknown. Its size here is presumed to be a result of image manipulation. However, other images show the same dog massively large. So there's a chance the dog's size is genuine.
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Circulating online since mid-2004
Fetal Footprint
The abdominal wall is too muscular and thick to actually allow a footprint to be seen with this clarity.
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ca. 1923
High-Pressure Hijinks
A soldier appears to be lifted in the air by the pressure from a water hose. The source of this photo is uncertain.
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